Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Rocketship Cake

3....2.....1....Blast off!!!!

I had the opportunity to create this super adorable Rocketship cake this week. The rocket is made completely of marshmallow fondant so it is edible but it can also be kept for years to come. The little alien is also created from fondant.

Little Cayden's mom sent me a picture of a cake and wanted his to look very similar. I did my best to bring in all of the fun design elements that the original creator used. Such a great cake for a fun Space party.

This one was so cute on both sides that I had to show you the back as well. I loved the little planets with the marbled colors. I also put some great texture into the moons.

This next one is just another example of a fun rocket ship design for a cake. I created this one for my son when he turned 5 years old which was actually almost 6 years ago. How is that even possible? It seems like just yesterday. 

This cake was carved from a stack of about seven 6 inch cakes and the planet was carved from a stack of four 12 inch cakes. It was all 100% edible. This was also one of my very first sculpted cakes. Lots and lots of tears went into figuring out how to structure this little guy. 

My favorite part of the cake was the cute little alien peeking around to scare the astronaut.

So, I couldn't possibly make a post about space and rocket ships without posting this adorable Angry Birds Space cake. The moons were absolutely fun and different. I love a carved cake.

I hope you enjoyed my cakes for this week. Just let me know if you have any questions. Check out my website at Hopessweetcakes.com. And, feel free to email me at Hopessweetcskes@gmail.com.


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