Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fishing Cake

Gone Fishin' Cake

Don't you just love this cake?!? It is one of my new favorites. I get so excited when a client gives me full creative rein over a cake. I wanted this cake to look fun for a child,  but still have realistic looking elements as well.  I absolutely fell in love with the pretty calming blue with the pops of red in the floats. The base color is marbled with different shades of blue. The fish is also coated with a layer of shimmer to appear wet. Of course, the camera did not pick up on all of that glorious detail!

Everything is completely edible. The fish and floats are created from marshmallow fondant.

I used a watercolor technique to "paint" the fish. To get this look you simply water down gel food coloring with vanilla (or any flavor) extract. Once the alcohol evaporates from the vanilla extract, the cake has a beautiful color remaining. I layered different colors of green and brown to make the fish look as realistic as possible.

I had so much fun creating this cake. If you have any questions about this design or would like help creating one for yourself just shoot me an email at Hopefully I won't be gone fishin'......sorry.....I couldn't resist that cheesy pun.

Have fun cakin'!


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