Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Super Hero Cakes

Being I have a house full of little boys, super hero cakes are a pretty exciting thing around here. I wanted to share a few of mine with you. 

This one was for a man from his wife as a surprise. The logo on the right is the logo for his company. She asked me to somehow show that "he" was a superhero, a great dad, a hard worker, and a great husband.  They all loved it. 

Now this is a superhero cake that I have created several times but this time we switched it up a bit and put Iron Man on the top. I love the Hulk fist busting out of the brick wall. 

This is a Batman cake for an older boy. We tried to make it look more dark and brooding....lol. 

See...I told you I have created this Superhero cake a few times. 

I just love this sweet and simple Superman Cake.

Oh wait...here is this one again. 

Now this is the Superhero cake of all Superhero cakes. It was an Avengers Cake that I created for my son. Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Thor are all represented. 

Here are some fun little Superhero Cupcakes. 

Batman Lego Cake

Even the girls get a little representation on this Supergirl Cake.

Captain America Cake

Spiderman Cake

Spiderman, Batman and Superman Cake

If you thought that cake with the heroes going around the side was great, check out this one...we threw in a couple more guys.

Spiderman Cake

Undercover Superman Cake

Check out all that awesome texture!

Here are some Hero worthy Superhero Cupcakes!!!

Hulk even made the cut for this superhero cake.

I do not get to create many superhero cakes for girls, so I just loved creating this Supergirl Cake.

This rustic/dirty superhero cake is perfect for an older boy who still loves Superheroes. 

The Hulk fist, Captain America shield, Iron Man energy thingie (what is that thing called...I know it...just can't think of it and I have literally watched this movie a gazillion times with my boys) and Thor hammer are all fondant and completely edible. 

Nightwing is a great alternative to the regular Batman cake for an older boy. 

Sailor Moon Cake


I can not wait for the next one. I love the bright colors of Superhero cakes. They are just the best!!!


  1. What do you have on the Superhero cake on the blue part with the white stars? Captain America?

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