Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Wow!!! What a whirlwind of a couple months it has been. Summer is winding down and all the kiddos are back in school. It is such an exciting time and it seems that every one has been trying to get in last minute summer birthday parties! This first one was for my own little kiddo. He loves Pokemon and designed this cake himself. He will definitely be my cake partner when he grows up (although I have much higher expectations for him...like doctor or architect or engineer.....).  

 Pikachu here is made from marshmallow fondant and is completely edible. We couldn't dare eat him/her...not sure on that one...so we will be keeping "it". Marshmallow fondant dries super hard so we can keep it forever...especially if I think to buy some clear coat to spray it with just to keep the color vibrant. 

My little boy is growing up way too fast. 

This is my adorable barn yard cake. Is it not just the cutest? What a fun party theme. All of the little animals are created from mm fondant.  This one had so many adorable details that I thought it would be a fun idea to make a little video of the cake to share so you could see every tiny detail...well...I hated the way I sounded in the video so we will just have to try that one again and I will remember to keep my mouth shut...hehehe. 

 Home Cake! We just adore this movie. It was so fun to bring Oh, Tip and Pig to life. Oh is sculpted from cake. Tip and Pig are mm fondant.  There really weren't very many cakes out there for this movie, so the mom of the birthday girl pretty much designed this from the ground up. She is a party planner and had the most amazing party ever! I will be sure to share her information very soon so she can help you have the dream birthday party as well. 

 Home Cupcakes to coordinate with the cake. 

 Summer Frozen Cake

Bubble Guppies Cake and Cupcakes
Mr. Grouper is completely mm fondant. 

Just so you know...that is a lot of detail in them there cupcakes. They took forever to create, but I just adored them. My little tot loves bubble guppies. It was so fun to see his face as they came together. 

 Little Boy Baby Shower Cake
Chevron blue and green...it doesn't get any cuter than that!

Zebra Print Monster High Cake 

Alright! You are all caught up. Thank you for stopping to take a look at these fun little masterpieces. Please drop me a message at hopessweetcakes@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments. I would love to hear from you. 


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