Monday, June 15, 2015

Gold and Flowers

Gold Glitter and Fresh Flowers Bride's Cake

This was my very first cake with fresh flowers. I was very worried about how the fondant would hold up to the little water picks. The florist provided the flowers so I was also very concerned if she would leave me enough, what they would look like, and if I had any ability to arrange them. All my worries were for not. The florist was so amazing....Flowers by Maria ( She was just incredible. So, so sweet and provided a ton of the most beautiful flowers. She was so encouraging as I worked on it on location. Such a joy to work with her. Her and her daughter was setting up all of the center pieces on the guest tables while I was working on the cake and I was just in awe of what they went far beyond flowers. If you are planning a wedding in the Birmingham area you have just got to check her out.   

I was also so nervous about the gold glitter layers. The bride wanted it GOLD and with lots of texture. I had never done either so I went a little overboard. I tinted my fondant gold then covered it with a thin layer of gold buttercream to hold the gold sugar crystals in place. After all that, I sprayed it with gold airbrush color just to be sure the color was even all over. I am sure it was a bit overkill, but I wanted it to be perfectly gold!!!

I was over the moon excited with how it turned out. Absolutely my favorite cake ever.....for this week It was five tiers of 15/12/9/6/4 inches. You can not imagine how incredibly heavy that much cake and icing is if you have never lifted it. I am so grateful to my awesomely handsome, muscle man husband Nathan Crocker for all his help. My extra cake fridge is in the basement so he moved it there and back a couple times then all the way out to the car and on location he had to carry it through this building and up a flight of stairs. It would have been impossible without him.

Here are a few pictures of the cake before we left for the delivery. I loved it just like that! It was a nice clean slate for all those beautiful flowers. 

 Just look at all that lovely texture...months of worry went into that...hehehehehe.

 Maria of absolutely provided me with the most beautiful flowers imaginable. can't have a big gorgeous Bride's cake without a pretty awesome Groom's cake as well. 
Here is my Lord of the Rings Book Cake

I find it funny that the Bride's cake is the one that steals the show, but the Groom's cake actually takes so much longer to create. All those little details really make the cake, but are so time consuming. This bride and groom had such a beautiful wedding and I was just thrilled to be a part of it. 


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