Thursday, May 28, 2015

Featured on Crazy Lil Weddings Blog

I am always beyond honored and thrilled when a cake or wedding blog asks to use one of my cakes. I was especially excited to have my Avengers cake featured as an option for an Avengers/super hero themed wedding cake. How fun would that be?? The Crazy Lil Wedding blog has such great, think out of the box wedding ideas. You have got to stop by her site and check out all of her fun ideas for a unique wedding.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding Cakes

This was the most fun couple. The bride wanted the outside of her cake to be all white and super simple, while the inside was strawberry cake layered with bright purple icing. I am sure it was a good surprise for the guests when she cut into it. I can't wait to see pictures and hopefully share with you. 

 The Groom's cake on the other hand was full blown Alice in Wonderland! He was so open to anything I wanted to create. It was a joy to work with them. 
This was a four tiered cake of 12/9/6/carved 6 inches. All of the details and figures are completely edible and made of marshmallow fondant. 

I carved the hat from a six inch cake and covered in green fondant. I then sponge painted dark green color onto it to give it the suede/velvet texture. The band around the hat was pink fondant and then I antiqued it with a little wash of brown color diluted with vanilla extract.

The rocks were given more texture by brushing on a little black color. The door knob was made in a gold fondant and I antiqued it with a brown wash as well and then went over it with a shimmery gold dust. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mickey Mouse and Mermaids

Mermaid Graduation Cake
Well...they wanted something original. You can't get much more original than a mermaid graduation cake. The mom completely came up with this idea so I totally can't take credit for it, but what a fun theme! The pictures make the cake look small, but the base was actually a 12 inch cake. The mermaid was probably the largest fondant figure I have ever made. 

Mickey Mouse Gear Cake

Mini Polka Dot Cake

Monday, May 4, 2015

Avengers, Super Hero, and Frozen Ice Castle Cake

This has been a great week. What better way to balance out some "super" boy Super Hero Cakes than with a four tiered, gorgeous Frozen Ice Castle Cake?? I say all the time that I have the greatest clients ever. They pick the best cakes. I am so blessed to get to be a part of their celebrations year after year!

Avengers Cake
This cake was for a little boy who was turning 8. I love the shading that keeps it from looking too bright. I felt it definitely matured it to an 8 year old husband would even take this one for his birthday! The mom found this exact cake design on Pinterest so I can totally not take credit for the design, but I loved how my version of it turned out. 

 My fondant hulk fist turned out even better than I had envisioned. I think it gets better every time I make it!

 Super Hero Cake

 Frozen Ice Castle Cake
What 4 year old gets a massive four tiered birthday cake?? This little girl! It was pretty awesome and definitely at statement piece at the party!

21st Orange Topsy Turvy Cake
How fun is this little number?? This would work great for a sweet 16 as well and in any color! I love it!

What a fun week it was. As my work week begins I always feel completely overwhelmed and wonder how I will ever get it all done by the weekend and then as I dive into creating the cakes I just fall in love all over again. I absolutely love seeing the smiles on parents and kiddos faces when they see the cakes for the first time. I am attempted to update the blog more often and post my cakes weekly...we will see how long that will last.....hehehe. Hope you enjoyed this weeks bunch.