Monday, July 28, 2014

Little Red Wagon First Birthday Cake

 Cohen is my third baby boy. you can imagine...birthday parties are a big event around my house. My first son had a race car first birthday. My second son had a monster first birthday which also happened to be my first fondant cake. So for Cohen I wanted something super cute and super sweet..something I wouldn't be able to get away with once he gets older and all he wants is spaceships, sharks, trains and legos like his big brothers. I drew this cake out with the help and input of my older boys' who are 7 and 4. We barely got the approval of dad, but I loved the final product!!!

 Of course my baby boy had to have a huge smash cake. This is actually my first stacked buttercream cake. 

What a wonderfully sweet year it has been with this little guy. You know...the third child is supposed to be so stressful that you never want another one, but this little man is so sweet and lovable that he makes me think, "how could I live life without just one more"!

This is a picture of my second son's first birthday cake. It was my very first tiered cake and my very first time to make and use fondant. I just loved it!!! And career began. I had never even thought of making cakes. I actually went to school for accounting. So when my friends started asking for cakes, I was so thrilled. God had the perfect plan. A flexible career so I could be with my boys. What more could a mom ask for!


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