Monday, March 3, 2014

Batman, Octonauts, Tangled, Frozen, Hello Kitty, Little Mermaid, Minecraft

 Lego Batman Cake

Octonauts Cupcakes

 Cars Cake (the cars are toys, but all other details are fondant)

 Minecraft Cube Cake

 Tangled Tower Cake

 Little Mermaid Cake (The figures are toys, but all other details are fondant)
I accidentally deleted my pictures of this cake, so the client was kind enough to share this one she took with me. Thank you!

 Superhero Cupcakes 
(I did not create the cookie cake. This was included in the pictures I accidentally deleted so the customer was kind enough to send me this shot she got of them at the party.)

 Hello Kitty Cake
Her outfit was designed to match what the child would be wearing at the party, so it is not your typical Hello Kitty attire! hehehehe

Frozen Cake with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf fondant figures.

 Fondant Elsa and Anna

Frozen Cookie Cake

Smash Cake for photo session with Melissa Wells Photography. Everyone knows she is the best when it comes to newborn photography, but she also rocks for one year olds! I love smash cake photo sessions!!!!! Melissa offers one of my smash cakes to her clients for first birthday/ one year old sessions. You just have to contact her if you have a little one about to be one! or
See how much better my cake looks when real photographer is behind the camera. Here is my shot of it.

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