Monday, March 4, 2013

A Month of Second Chances........

And by second chances, I mean getting to create multiple cakes for the same child or family! I love return customers. It is so much fun watching as the little kiddos grow and their favorites change... except for Gabe. He pretty much sticks to Angry birds!

Angry Birds Space Cake

Each moon is created completely of cake and each little birdie or piggie is made of fondant. I just love this cake design. I am not sure where I originally saw it, but this is the second time I have been asked to create it and I think it just gets more fun each time. Last year Gabe had this Angry Birds Castle Cake for his party.

His brother's have given me some great opportunities to create fun cakes as well. Over the past couple years I have loved working with this family. Here are some of their past party cakes. I bet it is a blast at their house!

The Star Wars Lego Cake

The Pirate Cake

The Indiana Jones Lego Cake

And last but not least....

The Super Man Cape Cake

Below is a Nursing Cake I created for a sweet friend to give to her nurses as a thank you for all their hard work, love and support during her cancer treatments.

Not sure what happened with the color on this

I just adore this sweet Minnie Mouse Cake. 

I created this fun little Owl Cake for Mia Grace last year and the following Super Hero Cake for one of her brothers.

When I was asked to create a 3D Sculpted Rottweiler Cake I had a mild panic attack. I love a challenge and even more I love creating something that I think I may not be able to do. So I was thrilled to tackle this one. He turned out great....well...not as masterful as I had secretly hoped, but way better than I feared it might. So...I call that a success. And the sweet little birthday boy was thrilled! His mom kept the design of the cake a secret and he was so surprised. It was just precious. I wish I could have caught that moment on camera!

3D Sculpted Owl Cake

This family is another of my favorites. I have created several cakes for them over the past couple years, and she created some beautiful works of art for me as well. Here are a few of her past cakes. 

Emmy's Funky Flower Cake

Oswald Cake

Quilting Cake

Daisy Cake

Anniversary Cake

And here are a couple amazing picture she took of my baby boys. If you are in the Birmingham, AL area, you simply must contact her for photography. She is so down to earth and laid back. My oldest son is usually extremely shy and even he had a blast and loved the experience. You can visit her website here: . You will not be disappointed! 

The Farm / Barn Cake 

Last year, little Blake had this adorable Mickey Mouse Club House Cake which is the one that lead to all my Mickey Mouse cakes. 

Mardi Gras Mask Cake

I created this Lightning McQueen cake for her son last year. 

Army Cake with Fondant Handgun

Diego Cake for a sweet little Girl (Girl Diego Cake)

I loved the colors she picked for this cake. It is not my original design, but it was so bright and fun! Last year I created this wonderfully bright Yo Gabba Gabba Cake for sweet Hannah.

This week I also had the opportunity to create a sweet little Bunny Smash Cake for some of our very best friends' baby girl. The entire party was so adorable and she loved her little bunny. It was the first to go as she dug in. 

And while this entire blog post has included past cakes I have created for families, I couldn't end without sharing the Fire Truck Cake I made for her big brother way back when I had first started making cakes. 

Thanks for checking out all of my cakes. I can't wait to share more with you!


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