Sunday, January 13, 2013

Let's Start the New Year Out Right

Is this not the most adorable wedding cake ever? I call it the Big Flower Wedding Cake. The bride cake up with the entire design and I just loved it.I wasn't too sure about the gold until I saw it on the cake. It was just perfect!

3D Football cake for a first birthday.

Superman Cake with a cape! Last year this little boy had an adorable pirate cake. I love getting to make cakes for repeat customers. They just seem so special to me. 

This adorable Noah's Ark Cake was for a sweet set of twins. I have always wanted to create a cake like this and was thrilled when this was her theme. I only wish the flash on my camera had done a better job of capturing the true colors for the cake. 

Below is their cake from last year on their 1st birthdays.

See what I mean about repeat customers. It is just so much fun watching these sweet little ones grow.

This is a Skylanders Cake. The "Portal of Power" as I am told. I had never seen the game, but it was fun creating the cake for this sweet little boy.