Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter Wedding Cake Trio, 40th Anniversary Cake, Camping and Kittens

Such a beautiful trio of cakes. Of course my camera flash decided not to work on the day that I really wanted to get some great pictures. This just does not do them justice. Each cake was painted with a shimmer and the silver dragees were so pretty and sparkly. I can not take credit for any of the design. The bride had it all planned and and pieced together just how she wanted. She was a joy to work with and the wedding reception was decorated just as beautifully as I expected. It was like a dream wedding. 

 Here is a shot of the cakes on location with her heritage toppers on the cakes. One was from the bride's parents' cake and the other from the groom's parents' cake. What a great idea!

Next I had the honor of creating a 40th anniversary cake for a sweet friend's parents. 

 The pattern on the "dress" was  a design that was sewn into the dress by the bride's mother in India made of real silver thread.

This camping cake was such fun. My boys loved it!

This sweet little ball of yarn kitten cake was such fun to create. I just love the little kitties!!!The birthday girl wanted a "pink kitten cake". She got pink!!!!