Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Busy, Busy Cake Week

Yet another Alabama Houndstooth Cake! Yes...I cut each and every one of those little houndstooth shapes out of fondant!

Below is an Arkham City Batman Cake...nice, simple, and clean!

The 3D Football cake was so much fun. I was very proud of myself to get such a great shape. The customer requested a cake displaying two football teams and one baseball team, so we added on the NY Yankees Cupcakes. 

I love this Buzz Lightyear Cake. It was so bright and clean. The jet pack and wings on the back were a nice little surprise for the birthday boy!

Go Bulldogs!!!!!

This cake was for the cutest party ever!!! A pinterest party. What a great idea. All of the party guests got to create fun little crafts found on Pinterest. I was able to lead them in creating their own little fondant owls. What fun!!!!!

Angry Birds Cake

Who doesn't just love Angry Birds??? I can just get lost in that game. Such fun, and such a great way to get out all those destructive I was thrilled to be able to create this latest Angry Birds Space Cake.

This was definitely one of my very favorite cakes. All those little fondant details just really made it come to life! I created the Angry Birds Castle Cake below a while back. I love the big bird on the front. Doesn't it just make you want to go play Angry Birds???