Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bumble Bee Cake, Carousel Cake, and Lots More

Let's play a little catch up. I am so bad not to post pictures, so I need to get you all up to date. I hope you enjoy!!!

 Bumble Bee Cake and Smash Cupcake

 The wedding cake below was my very first wedding cake to create. I was so honored to create the bumble bee cake for their first daughter on her first birthday! I look forward to being a part of their celebrations for years to come!

 This motorcycle cake is just a tad bit was for my hubby!!! He has a 1985 Yamaha V-max.....this was my attempt to create a V-max Cake!

 The motorcycle cake was for his birthday party, but I had to create something to surprise him at work. Since we are in the heart of the Alabama/Auburn rivalry, I thought creating a Mississippi State cake would be a nice little stir in the pot. He was very surprised and loved his cake!

 Another Cars 2 Cake!!! I can never get enough of this adorable theme. This one was actually created for a sweet little girl.

 The tires and caution cones are all edible.

 Monster High Cake. I created this adorably fun cake for our neighbor. I had never heard of Monster High being I have two little boys, but I fell in love with the patterns and colors. I loved this cake!

 Simple and sweet Carousel Cake. There is just something so innocent and precious about the soft colors of this cake. They held the party at the carousel in our local mall. Walking the cake through the mall to get it to the party area was not an easy thing to do...especially with everyone asking me to stop so they could take a picture. I thought my arms were going to turn into spaghetti noodles before I made it there!

Toy Story Cake

Pink Ruffles Cake

Karate Cake

Fireman's Hat Cake

Flower Pot Cake
I was so honored to create this cake for my mom's 50th birthday. It had to travel in the back of my car for about 7 hours, so it was not in the best of shape. It was so wonderful to be able to make a cake for her. She was my first fan!!!

Polk-a-Dot Cake

Peace Sign Cake

Savana has the best taste in cake design. I created this funky dots cake for her last year. 

 Indian Jones Lego Cake

Transformers Cake

BeyBlades Arena Cake

Pink Pumpkin Cake

This is the very first cake that I have covered only in buttercream. I was terrified to do it, but I thought it turned out wonderful. I was very pleased. I only wish I could have gotten a better picture of it. It was dark outside, so the colors are all off.

Spiderman Cake. 
Lauren's mom and dad were so pleased with her Cars Cake that they asked me to create a little cake for  her dad's birthday. I so enjoy getting to make multiple cakes for families!!!!

I think that is it my friends. You are all caught up on my little cake adventure! I hope you enjoyed all the pictures.