Saturday, October 27, 2012

Avengers Cake and Party

My big boy turned 6 this week. He has always been my super hero, but for his party he wanted a true super hero shindig!!! We decided to go with the Avengers theme and asked all the little party goers to dress in the super hero best.

The week started with cupcakes for his kindergarten class.

And of course we had to have a little family celebration on his actual birthday!

What would an Avengers celebration be with him getting the 3D!!!!

And now for the centerpiece of the entire week for me. His 5 tiered Avengers Cake!!!


Iron Man



And last but not least....Captain America!

 Hawkeye Challenge

Hulk Smash Wall

Climb with Spiderman...okay I realize Spiderman is not in the movie, but littlest boy is obsessed with Spiderman and he was one of the original Avengers. 

My wonderful hubby made all of these awesome life sized cutouts of the characters of Avengers. I have a feeling we will be redecorating the boys' rooms soon to accommodate these guys. 

The birthday boy!

Hulk Marshmallows

I completely forgot to get pictures of my Captain America cookies.

This was supposed to be the Thor challenge. The original plan was to let them use the Thor hammer to smash the pinata, but that thing was tough. Had to get out the base ball bat. 

Is this not the cutest crew of super heros ever???

My two heros. 

Happy Birthday Asher! I love you, buddy!


  1. Totally love this Avengers Cake and Party! It is one of best parties I have ever seen. I too have been trying to do something creative and unique for my daughter’s 5th birthday. I am also planning to host this bash at outdoor LA venue. I wonder if you have girlish party ideas.

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