Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spiderman Party!

My littlest guy turned three! I can't believe it. I mean....he was just born yesterday. All you other moms out there know exactly what I am talking about. But my little guys birthday is special for more than just one reason. I created my first fondant cake for his first birthday. His birthday started it all.

This cake was huge! It would probably serve around 150....we only had about 20 I can not take credit for the design at all. We found a picture of a cake like this online and my little guy insisted on having a cake just like it. So...being the good mommy that I am, I did it. Even though we ended up throwing over 3/4ths of the cake away, it was so worth it to see the look on his little face. For months now he has been asking if each and every cake is for him. I was so happy to finally be able to say "Yes, Little Buddy, this one is yours!"

 My sweet little guy! He is the best!
He couldn't have been more proud of his cake. I had a blast planning out all the fun little details for the party. We chose to have the party in our hometown of Laurel, MS so that the grand parents would not have to travel to attend. It was a little challenging to organize a party and create the cake at someone else's house, but it turned out pretty well. I think the kiddo's all had a blast.....well....except the ants. We were all attacked  by the meanest ants ever. I felt so awful for all the kiddos. I am sure they will remember that party by the scars on their little toes.

 The hubby printed this wonderful back drop for the cake. 

 My little guy had a blast opening all of his cards and presents. He is just such a sweet heart. He is always so appreciative of everything.

 He took a little break to talk to a couple of his cousins. It was so great to be able to have them there.

And we ending with Spiderman letting balloons float away. It is amazing how very fast time goes. My baby boy is not very much of a baby anymore.

Below are Ian's 1st and 2nd birthday cakes. That little monster cake is what started this little cake making adventure.

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