Monday, June 18, 2012

Soccer, Caterpilla, Dino's, Pirates, Pike's Peak, and Candyland

 The soccer ball on this cake is created of rice crispie treats. When my two year old came into the room and saw this "half ball" on top of the cake he just lost it!!! I mean kicking and screaming and crying. When I finally got him called down he asked..."Why did you cut my ball in half? Are they going to give it back to us? Can you fix it?" With that, I knew it was a job well done!  And I got a good laugh out of it!
 Is this not one of the cutest themes ever for a first birthday? It was such a great idea and a joy to create!
 Each of those little colorful balls was hand rolled....extremely time consuming but so worth the effort. I think it makes the cake!

 What a fun Dinosaur cake. It was completely the customer's idea....realistic yet whimsical. I loved it so much, I begged my two kiddos to have a dino themed such luck.

 Yo ho ho! My third and most favorite pirate ship yet! The wood details turned out perfectly. I was thrilled!

 They also ordered this precious little pirate face cake just for the birthday boy to enjoy all to himself. Such a great idea. And boy was this a party to be at. It seemed as though they were going to have a blast!
 My Pike's Peak Wedding Cake is not only my largest cake to date, but also one of my all time favorites. It was for a very wonderful family celebrating the wedding of their daughter who held the wedding ceremony in the mountains. They did such a wonderful job making the reception so perfectly rustic....made me want to renew my vows just so I could have them come decorate for me. Unfortunately the cake was so large (four layers of cake in all four tiers) that it would not fit in my car for delivery....nor could I carry it. I had to construct it on location so I was unable to capture a picture that would do all the detail justice.

 Candy Land!!!! I was finally asked to create a Candy Land cake. I loved it!!!!

What fun! People are beginning to come up with the most interesting and creative themes. I am so happy to be in this business at this time. It is such a blessing to bring these wonderful ideas to life.

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