Monday, June 18, 2012

Cars 2, Polka Dot Safari, Dora, and Dr. Seuss

 Cars 2.....seemed popular this week! Two very different cakes and both so much fun! both also both have store bought cars, but everything else is completely edible.

 The tires and caution cones are all completely edible.

 Polka Dot Safari Cake!

 This is a Dora the Explorer Cake....minus the Dora which will be added by the customer. It was such a sweet cake for a precious little girl.
 Cat in the Hat!!!! The birthday boy had a few requests.....Thing 1 and 2, the cat, the fish, chocolate cake and blue on the outside. I think I got them all covered! I have been waiting for someone to allow me to use a real fish bowl on a cake. I was thrilled when my neighbor gave me free rein to make it anyway I wanted.


  1. I just love everything you do!!! Question though, how do you get your fondant so smooth and the figurines without lines or cracks?