Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Angry Birds Castle and Beyblades Arena

 ANGRY BIRDS!!!!! I must confess that I am an Angry Birds addict. I just love it!!!! So what could possibly be better than an Angry Birds cake?? This is the third cake I have been able to make for this sweet family. I just adore repeat customers!

  All the little birdies and piggies are made of fondant.

And then I moved on to the Beyblades Arena Cake. I had never even heard of Beyblades so I had to do a little research for this one. Creating the little tops was very interesting to say the

A very dear friend asked me to create a reveal cake for this week. While at the Doctor, the daddy to be found out the sex of the baby but mommy did not. He text the results to me and I tinted the icing on the inside of the cake ....BLUE!  They cut into the cake with the whole family that afternoon, discovering if they would have a baby boy or girl together. So much fun!!!!

What a fun week it has been. Hope you have had a great week as well!