Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flowers, Zebra Print, and Ice Cream....dreamy!

 I created this precious pink and purple cake for two sisters that go to our church. One loves pink and the other loves purple. They like a cake I had created a while back so I tweaked it just a bit so it would look just right for two little ladies. It turned out so fresh and sweet. I was very pleased. I sure hope they were too.
 This is such a fun design because I get to go crazy with the piping.

 I got an email on about Tuesday. A very nice hubster wanted to order a cake for his wife. Now you know I can't turn down a man who is trying to do something special for his wife. And boy was I happy I did it. I love this cake. Exactly what I would want for my birthday. So much fun!
 The only thing better than flowers, butterflies and zebra print is ice cream!!! I am a sucker for a big ole bowl of ice cream. I actually worked at an ice cream place while I was in college. I remember racing to the drive through window when I would see my then crush driving up. One day he even told me that he planned to marry me one day. Well, that crush is now my husband so ice cream holds a special place in our hearts....we use that as a good excuse to dig in anyway.
 Little Ethan was just the cutest kiddo ever....other than my two of course. He was just precious!.

 The "ice cream" is actually massive cake balls covered in fondant and melted chocolate. The "peanut sprinkles" are fondant as well. 
I hope everyone enjoyed their cakes this week. It is so much fun getting to be a part of such sweet little ones' big days. Hope you have a great week.

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