Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Big Ole Tractor and Batman....Cake!

 What little cowboy would love to cut into a tractor cake on his birthday? Now I must say that this tractor turned out a lot larger than I had initially planned for it to. That seems to happen to me a lot. When I carve the cake it looks a lot smaller than it does once it has icing and fondant on it. But, I loved it.The bigger the better...right?
 There's that "2". I knew it was on there somewhere!

 I sure hope Carson loved all his sweet treats. Mommy knows how to throw a party...lucky little boy.
 I just love it when I get to create all the yummy goodies for the party! Mostly just because I always make a few extras for "taste testing". Cake pops are just to die for.
Then it was on to the Batman Cake. This cake was for a sweet little friend named Ian. He and my oldest son are school buddies so we were very excited to get to create a cake for him. I was sure to get my little man to sign off on it before we headed to the party. It got the go ahead...thank goodness.
 I call this my "mini" cake. It is a two tiered cake of 6inches and 4inches. It has all the detail and drama as a larger one, but works perfectly for smaller parties. I estimate that it will serve around 20, but we served the entire party of about 20 and still had the entire top tier left over. It really is a nice sized cake.
 These little guys are 100% edible. The birthday boy bit the Jokers head was very funny. I think he got a slight joy from killer the bad guy!

Thanks for joining me on my cake adventures this week. Hope you enjoyed them!

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