Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pirate Ship Cake

 Not sure how this happened, but while looking back through some old posts I realized that I never posted pictures of this cake. How in the world did that happen? This is absolutely one of my most time intensive cakes. I adore this cake!!!! The little pirates, treasure chest, tree, and flags are all fondant.

I am so happy I caught my mistake. It would be a shame not to share this little beauty with all of you.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Baby Outfit, Cupcakes, and Yo Gabba Gabba Cakes

 Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog. This is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake #2. So much fun. it almost make you just want to play with it.

 I took extra care to try to replicate the Disney font for his name.
 This Boy Outfit Baby Shower Cake was very interesting. I had never created anything like this before. It was a learning experience, but I was so thrilled with the final product.

 It is all about the details.
 I have not had the opportunity to create very many "fancy" cupcakes. I was so excited to make these for a dear friends little girl. Lime green and purple with a little sparkle were my requirements.

 Yo Gabba Gabba!!!! I wanted this cake to make little Hannah feel like she was on the show. I added in tons of fun textures and bright colors.
 We don't really watch the show at my house(I take issue with the grown man wearing a onesie), so I don't know the names of all these adorable characters. They were so fun to create.

 One the show all of the scenes have crazy textures everywhere. I tried to capture that in the mountains and hills. I sure hope sweet Hannah noticed.

What a great week of cake! See you next time.

Flowers, Zebra Print, and Ice Cream....dreamy!

 I created this precious pink and purple cake for two sisters that go to our church. One loves pink and the other loves purple. They like a cake I had created a while back so I tweaked it just a bit so it would look just right for two little ladies. It turned out so fresh and sweet. I was very pleased. I sure hope they were too.
 This is such a fun design because I get to go crazy with the piping.

 I got an email on about Tuesday. A very nice hubster wanted to order a cake for his wife. Now you know I can't turn down a man who is trying to do something special for his wife. And boy was I happy I did it. I love this cake. Exactly what I would want for my birthday. So much fun!
 The only thing better than flowers, butterflies and zebra print is ice cream!!! I am a sucker for a big ole bowl of ice cream. I actually worked at an ice cream place while I was in college. I remember racing to the drive through window when I would see my then crush driving up. One day he even told me that he planned to marry me one day. Well, that crush is now my husband so ice cream holds a special place in our hearts....we use that as a good excuse to dig in anyway.
 Little Ethan was just the cutest kiddo ever....other than my two of course. He was just precious!.

 The "ice cream" is actually massive cake balls covered in fondant and melted chocolate. The "peanut sprinkles" are fondant as well. 
I hope everyone enjoyed their cakes this week. It is so much fun getting to be a part of such sweet little ones' big days. Hope you have a great week.

A Big Ole Tractor and Batman....Cake!

 What little cowboy would love to cut into a tractor cake on his birthday? Now I must say that this tractor turned out a lot larger than I had initially planned for it to. That seems to happen to me a lot. When I carve the cake it looks a lot smaller than it does once it has icing and fondant on it. But, I loved it.The bigger the better...right?
 There's that "2". I knew it was on there somewhere!

 I sure hope Carson loved all his sweet treats. Mommy knows how to throw a party...lucky little boy.
 I just love it when I get to create all the yummy goodies for the party! Mostly just because I always make a few extras for "taste testing". Cake pops are just to die for.
Then it was on to the Batman Cake. This cake was for a sweet little friend named Ian. He and my oldest son are school buddies so we were very excited to get to create a cake for him. I was sure to get my little man to sign off on it before we headed to the party. It got the go ahead...thank goodness.
 I call this my "mini" cake. It is a two tiered cake of 6inches and 4inches. It has all the detail and drama as a larger one, but works perfectly for smaller parties. I estimate that it will serve around 20, but we served the entire party of about 20 and still had the entire top tier left over. It really is a nice sized cake.
 These little guys are 100% edible. The birthday boy bit the Jokers head was very funny. I think he got a slight joy from killer the bad guy!

Thanks for joining me on my cake adventures this week. Hope you enjoyed them!