Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Roll Tide or War Eagle???

Now if you live around here you are more than likely yelling out one or the other. I am completely unbiased, so you can imagine my amusement when I was asked to create a sweet treat honoring both teams this past weekend. I was the only person in my kitchen to see them together, but I must say that it was slightly awkward....hehehehe.

 I made a nice little batch of Auburn Cupcakes.
 And I also created this houndstooth Alabama Cake. I think I may possibly be the only person in the world who has a houndstooth cutter. I wanted to make an Alabama cake many months ago and searched to no avail for a cutter. I looked everywhere I could think to look. So...my wonderful hubby created one for me. He is the best! Even with the cutter, cutting out several hundred of these little buggers is enough to drive any body crazy. So...even though I am not an Alabama fan per say....I am very partial to this cake!

I have also created a couple other Auburn and Alabama cakes in my short career as a cake artist. I am sure you are dying to see them as well! Here you go!

I love living in Helena, Alabama. I think the battle between Alabama and Auburn is what makes it so great!!!!!

Mini Lady Bug Cake

This little lady bug cake is just so cute. It was a mini, but had all the charm as a 3 tiered master piece. I just loved it.

 I made this little cupcake for the birthday girl to dig into! I am sure she was just as cute as a bug with green icing all over her little face.
I also created a cake for big sister several months ago. I thought you might like to see it as well!

What a fun couple of cakes.

Twin Owls

Is this not the cutest party theme ever??? Such a wonderful idea. I wish I could take credit for the design of the cake, but it was an exact reflection of the plates. I have never had the opportunity to create a cake for twins....and having it be boy and girl definitely added in an extra challenge. It turned out so cute!
 Piper and Will both got their own little smash cake decorated in buttercream so it would be nice and messy!

Now doesn't that make you just smile? Two precious cakes for two precious babies!!!!!

Ponies and Flowers for Julia!

I must start this blog post by saying that Julia is the most precious little girl I know. I just adore this kid. She was in my 2 year old class at Valleydale's mother's day out program and I just fell in love with her. She is just a bundle of pure joy! I adore my boys...but being around a little lady as cute as her almost makes me want a little girl....well...almost.

I also love that her mom always gives me free reign to design the cake. Pink and purple were the only requirements. So I added in as much sparkle as I could....of course the pictures do not pick up all that glorious sparkle...boooo!
 The ponies are both created out of fondant and 100% edible. They can also be saved and will dry really hard and can be kept for years to come.

This is cake number 4 for this wonderful family. I so love being a part of the celebrations for all the children in a family. I thought I would show you last years cakes for this crew.
 I created this cake for Julia's 3rd birthday. It was one of my first cakes...but still one of my favorites. My only requirements for it were pink and purple as well. The cake below was created for big sister Carolyn. I designed it to coordinate with the plate at the very bottom. I just loved this cake. So girlie!

And then there is sweet, sweet Colin. Colin has was in my "baby class" on Wednesday nights until he was walking. I feel in love with this adorable baby boy. Him and my youngest son are still in Sunday School together and they are so very cute together. Needless to say, this was a very special treat to be able to create a cake for him.

I can't wait to see what I will get to create for Carolyn and Colin this year!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pirate Cake

I was allowed the opportunity to create the most adorable pirate cake this week. Does this not just make you smile?

Sometimes when I get done with a cake I am just really ready for it to be out of my fridge. Other times, I just step back and say "Man oh man...that is adorable!" This was one of those cakes. I was so surprised by how terribly cute it turned out. I was so happy that the mommy of the birthday boy felt the same. Happy Birthday Colin! Colin is actually the brother to the little boy I made the Star Wars cake for a few months back....and the third brother in the crew is on the calendar for February. I love getting to be a part of a families ongoing celebrations. It makes me feel like I must be doing something right. Below is big brothers cake.
My other very darling cake for this week will have to wait to be posted. I can't show it to you before the party guests get an up close and personal view!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Has Arrived

Yep....it is here. It is finally Winter. I adore Fall, but Winter is just no fun. The dry air from the heater dries out my fondant and the lack of sunlight makes it impossible to get a good picture of my cakes. So, please excuse the photography quality of the following cakes. It just breaks my heart when I work long hours making a cake as perfect as possible and then can not get a good picture of it.

I am playing a little bit of catch-up here. It has been a few weeks since my last post. I have some great cakes to share with you. Let's start with.......a MONKEY....cake!
The body is cake and the head is made out of rice treats. This is one cake I really did not want to cut.
 The following picture is for size reference and the cuteness affect! My little guy is two and a half and weighs about 34 pounds.
After the party was over.....and little monkey was eaten, my little guy came home to a surprise. He ran in and opened the fridge expecting to see Mr. Monkey still sitting there. Standing there with his shoulders slumped, staring into the empty fridge, he looked up at me and said "where is my little friend?". I sadly told him "We ate the monkey at the party." My sweet little guy looked at me with a tear in his eye and said "I not eat my little buddy!!!" Oh yes you did my dear....and he was yummy!

This beautiful Nativity Christmas Cake was the request of my husband. He shared it with his co-workers for Christmas. Each little character was hand sculpted out of fondant.   And this is the bad photography I was referring to. When the hubbs had to leave for work at 6:00am, I was unable to get a picture that did the cake justice.
 There are tons of beautiful Christmas cakes out there, but we felt this one captured the true meaning of Christmas. It was a great witness in a very corporate setting.
 Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus!
 The shepherds keeping their flock.

I also had the opportunity to make cupcakes for my little boys kindergarten class. These little "Baby Jesus" cupcakes were a huge hit. I think all  of the children really understood that Jesus was the most important part of the celebration.

 And now we are on to more of that awful photography. It really just saddens my heart when I cannot get a good picture of a cake. Alright...moving on. This is an adorable Dr. Seuss "Cat in the Hat" Hat cake. 

I had the wonderful opportunity to make cakes for my nephews. They live about 5 hours away so what did I do? I packed up my entire kitchen and my two kiddos and headed to Mississippi. I worked tirelessly in my sister in laws kitchen for four days. It was amazing getting to spend time with them and bond over cake. The end result was just beautiful. Little Gunner is a cowboy all the way, so we came up with this cute little Barn Cake for him.
 Well, it wasn't really little. It was actually pretty large. Three tiers of yummy vanilla cake.

 Sweet Gunner turned one so we had to have a wonderful smash cake for him.

Caden decided he wanted an eighteen wheeler for his party. I was just a little afraid of this cake, but it turned out great!
 The toy car was added at the party.

I think he liked it!!!! I sure do love these boys! It was such a blessing to be able to create cakes for them this year.
 This whimsical nursing cake was a little bittersweet. Now I am not talking flavor...my cakes are always yummy! lol I made this as a graduation gift for two very special friends. They were here attending nursing school. They are headed home to Michigan now that school is complete. Misty and Aaron are the kind of rare friends that you never forget. They will be missed greatly, but I am so proud of them for such a great accomplishment and I know their families must be so happy to have them back. 

The Polo Shirt Cake was my last cake of 2011!
 I placed it in a gift box to look  like a normal gift...but it's a cake! The little Mickey logo was added for his daughter.

Such a great cake to end the year! I am looking forward to what 2012 will hold for Hope's Sweet Cakes!