Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spider Cake

 I have never heard or thought of this theme for a first birthday before. To be honest, when she first told me this was the theme, I was a little concerned. I wondered..."how in the world can I make a spider girlie?". Oh but girlie it was. I absolutely adored this cake. I had no real plan when I started. I just knew I wanted lots of flowers. Now, if you have ever ordered a cake from me, you know that I have to have a plan. I need examples and inspiration. I want to know exactly what I am making before the eggs even go into the batter. So it was such a fun adventure to just create this cake as I went. And trust me, I looked for examples of cakes other people had done. There were just no Itsy Bitsy Spider cakes out there that looked like what I wanted to create. This is definitely on the very top of my favorites list now.

I also had the privilege of making the baby shower cake for this sweet little lady one year ago.

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