Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Wedding Cake

 This was the biggest, heaviest, most beautiful, detailed cake I have created. When the bride first showed me the design she wanted I thought it was so fun and funky for a wedding. It fit their setting perfectly. And outdoor wedding with a cabin/lodgie feel. Not sure "lodgie" is a word. It was just stunning. The pumpkins are both carved 100% out of cake. Each leaf was hand cut and grained for realness. All of the leaves on the cake and table are fondant and completely edible.

The cake was so large that I could not lift it alone. I had to have my husband move it from the fridge to my work area. Not sure how much it weighed, but it was a big one over two foot tall. Each tier was a different flavor of cake. The pumpkins were both carrot cake...oh so yummy carrot cake, the second tier was chocolate and the third tier was vanilla with pineapple delish filling. I so wish I could have stayed for the reception. I am betting it was one yummy cake.

 I also created these adorable fall themed cupcakes for the groom. Each leaf and pumpkin was hand created out of my sweet marshmallow fondant.
This was only my second wedding cake, but already I know weddings will always hold a special place for me. There is just something so moving knowing that I am creating the centerpiece for such a wonderful occasion. I can not wait to do it again.

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