Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mini Cakes

 I was asked to make this cake for a sweet little baby's baptism. A mini cake seemed to be perfect for such an event with a small family get together to celebrate Christ's love for the tiniest of us. This Baptism Cake has a long history....I met the Mommy in Target forever ago. We immediately hit it off talking about kiddos and all that fun stuff. She was pregnant at the time. She was such a sweet person, so you can imagine my excitement when she called on me to make such a special cake for her.
 Does this bear not just make you want to cuddle with a baby? So much fun....I sure hope she kept it.
 This cake is one of my new favorites. I just love these colors. If someone asked me to design a cake for myself, this is what I would create. And well....that is kind of what I did. A gentleman called me a little last minute and said that he was having trouble getting in touch with the bakery he had a cake booked with and he could not let his wife be disappointed on her birthday. So of course I agreed to make it for him. There is no way I could leave him hanging. His only request was pink and black. Something cute. This is what I created....the Zebra Mini.

The 50th Anniversary Mini was so wonderful. 50 years is such an accomplishment. And I later found out that they had not had a real wedding cake at their wedding which made me all the more happy that we had chosen to go with a traditional wedding cake feel for this cake. So maybe my roses don't exactly look like roses....but I tried. I usually go with the more cartoonie roses so this was an adventure for me.

Mini's are so much fun for me. It is really the same amount of work as their larger counterpart, but sometimes they are just perfect for small get togethers. They give the recipient the feel of a big, tiered cake without all the left over cake after the event. It will serve around 15 or so, but really could be stretched to 20 or more.

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