Friday, October 21, 2011

Boys, Boys, Boys!!!

 This was my largest cake to date! About three foot high. It was a monster! My son's only request for his 5th birthday was a rocket cake with an astronaut. I spend so much time working on cakes for other children so I felt I had to really outdo any past cakes for him. Now he liked the planet....and he liked the rocket okay...but he wasn't blown away until I put the aliens and the astronaut on. He said it was the coolest cake ever!.....(but in his very modest way said "but the cakes you make for other kids are the coolest cakes to them")

 My sweet birthday boy. He is every bit worth the time I spent on this cake. He is so loving and kind. And all though he has way more than any one could possibly need, he is always conscious of the fact that so many children in the world have so much less. He has the most true heart of any 5 year old I  know. God truly blessed me by allowing me to have such a wonderful son.
 I knew the time would come!!! I was finally asked to create a Star Wars Cake. The figures are all 100% edible and made of fondant. I don't know all of their names, so I am not even going to attempt that one. Being I live in a house full of boys, I had lots of supervision as I was making the figures....and I guess they all passed the test. The birthday boy seemed pleased and that is all that counts!

 Each little Lego was created of one square and 4 dots....very time consuming!!!!  I could have taken the simple route and just impressed a circle on the square but when I see how awesome the finished product is, I am always happy that I took the extra time to do it all the way.

 Nice and simple! This cake was created to compliment the party decorations. I am sure he is one cool little dude!
 This is my third time to create this cake. It is a special one around here. The first time I made it, it was for my son's 4th birthday...we still call it his cake anytime someone asks about it. The rocks, tires, flags, caution cones, and dirt are all edible.
Boy cakes are just so much fun....always tons of neat details to create. I love my boys and look forward to years of getting to create wonderful boy cakes!

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