Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Wedding Cake

 This was the biggest, heaviest, most beautiful, detailed cake I have created. When the bride first showed me the design she wanted I thought it was so fun and funky for a wedding. It fit their setting perfectly. And outdoor wedding with a cabin/lodgie feel. Not sure "lodgie" is a word. It was just stunning. The pumpkins are both carved 100% out of cake. Each leaf was hand cut and grained for realness. All of the leaves on the cake and table are fondant and completely edible.

The cake was so large that I could not lift it alone. I had to have my husband move it from the fridge to my work area. Not sure how much it weighed, but it was a big one over two foot tall. Each tier was a different flavor of cake. The pumpkins were both carrot cake...oh so yummy carrot cake, the second tier was chocolate and the third tier was vanilla with pineapple delish filling. I so wish I could have stayed for the reception. I am betting it was one yummy cake.

 I also created these adorable fall themed cupcakes for the groom. Each leaf and pumpkin was hand created out of my sweet marshmallow fondant.
This was only my second wedding cake, but already I know weddings will always hold a special place for me. There is just something so moving knowing that I am creating the centerpiece for such a wonderful occasion. I can not wait to do it again.

All About the Girls

 I just love this funky little cake. Not much to say about it. Pink, purple, and lime green says it all. How fun!!! And Savana seems to one fun little girl. I sure hope she loved says she didn't want to cut it.

War Eagle!!!!...well....not really. But I guess I had to be a fan for the week. I just adore the blue and orange together. So bright and cheerful. And I adore this Auburn Cheer Cake as well.

 The scrapbook cake!!! Now first let me start by saying I have never created a scrapbook page in my life. I buy the books that already have everything on them and you just stick your pictures in. So I had to do a little research for this one. And one of the very first sample pages I came across had this little belly silhouette with the ultrasound in the tummy. Oh how I love Facebook. I immediately went on facebook to her page and found the perfect ultrasound picture. This was one of my most personal cakes. I hope she loved it as much as I loved creating it for her.
 Is this not the cutest little guitar cake ever! I just love these colors. The original plan was to make a small guitar to serve around 10 or so but this little thing just took on a life of it's own. It ended up being large enough to serve about 40. I really enjoy sculptural cakes such as this one. And my hubby plays guitar so I had a couple around the house to use as inspiration....but none with lime green flowers on them!
 Flirty Thirty!!!!!! This pink and purple cake even caught me by surprise. I create each and every cake with the true intent of making it the best cake I can. Sometimes the design requests make that part of the job so much easier. This was one fun cake and one fun client. She pretty much said make whatever.... as long as it is fun and funky! It was cute until I put the feather and wires on and then it was so funky! I was thrilled and just knew she was going to love it.

Boys, Boys, Boys!!!

 This was my largest cake to date! About three foot high. It was a monster! My son's only request for his 5th birthday was a rocket cake with an astronaut. I spend so much time working on cakes for other children so I felt I had to really outdo any past cakes for him. Now he liked the planet....and he liked the rocket okay...but he wasn't blown away until I put the aliens and the astronaut on. He said it was the coolest cake ever!.....(but in his very modest way said "but the cakes you make for other kids are the coolest cakes to them")

 My sweet birthday boy. He is every bit worth the time I spent on this cake. He is so loving and kind. And all though he has way more than any one could possibly need, he is always conscious of the fact that so many children in the world have so much less. He has the most true heart of any 5 year old I  know. God truly blessed me by allowing me to have such a wonderful son.
 I knew the time would come!!! I was finally asked to create a Star Wars Cake. The figures are all 100% edible and made of fondant. I don't know all of their names, so I am not even going to attempt that one. Being I live in a house full of boys, I had lots of supervision as I was making the figures....and I guess they all passed the test. The birthday boy seemed pleased and that is all that counts!

 Each little Lego was created of one square and 4 dots....very time consuming!!!!  I could have taken the simple route and just impressed a circle on the square but when I see how awesome the finished product is, I am always happy that I took the extra time to do it all the way.

 Nice and simple! This cake was created to compliment the party decorations. I am sure he is one cool little dude!
 This is my third time to create this cake. It is a special one around here. The first time I made it, it was for my son's 4th birthday...we still call it his cake anytime someone asks about it. The rocks, tires, flags, caution cones, and dirt are all edible.
Boy cakes are just so much fun....always tons of neat details to create. I love my boys and look forward to years of getting to create wonderful boy cakes!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mini Cakes

 I was asked to make this cake for a sweet little baby's baptism. A mini cake seemed to be perfect for such an event with a small family get together to celebrate Christ's love for the tiniest of us. This Baptism Cake has a long history....I met the Mommy in Target forever ago. We immediately hit it off talking about kiddos and all that fun stuff. She was pregnant at the time. She was such a sweet person, so you can imagine my excitement when she called on me to make such a special cake for her.
 Does this bear not just make you want to cuddle with a baby? So much fun....I sure hope she kept it.
 This cake is one of my new favorites. I just love these colors. If someone asked me to design a cake for myself, this is what I would create. And well....that is kind of what I did. A gentleman called me a little last minute and said that he was having trouble getting in touch with the bakery he had a cake booked with and he could not let his wife be disappointed on her birthday. So of course I agreed to make it for him. There is no way I could leave him hanging. His only request was pink and black. Something cute. This is what I created....the Zebra Mini.

The 50th Anniversary Mini was so wonderful. 50 years is such an accomplishment. And I later found out that they had not had a real wedding cake at their wedding which made me all the more happy that we had chosen to go with a traditional wedding cake feel for this cake. So maybe my roses don't exactly look like roses....but I tried. I usually go with the more cartoonie roses so this was an adventure for me.

Mini's are so much fun for me. It is really the same amount of work as their larger counterpart, but sometimes they are just perfect for small get togethers. They give the recipient the feel of a big, tiered cake without all the left over cake after the event. It will serve around 15 or so, but really could be stretched to 20 or more.