Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Little Bowling....Cake!

My wonderful hubby's birthday was this week. We had a great time celebrating with friends at the local bowling alley. It was such a refreshing night of fun. And it is always so rewarding to make a cake for one of my own. Of course, I am sure he would have preferred a Charger Cake or MSU cake, but I thought this little number fit the event perfectly.

 Notice the nice marbling.....much more distinct in person.

 Sooooo....we'll just say I am much better at making cakes than bowling. I had the lowest score of everyone there. I think I tied with my four year old. Oh well! Maybe next time.
 Enjoying a little Icee break.
 Little man had a lot of fun. So adorable to see him carrying that big ball around.

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful time!


  1. Cute bowling cake!! Glad the party was good... hated we couldn't be there... you know where we are on Friday nights in the fall :)

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