Monday, September 12, 2011

Golf Cake and Cake Pops

 I was asked to make this cake for a surprise birthday party. It was a big one...12 inches! So simple and clean, but I loved it.
 The golf ball and the golf bag are both hand sculpted out of fondant. I am sure that using a mold to make the ball would have been much easier, but I wanted it big. It was about the size of a baseball.
 Here is the cake along side the yummy golf ball cake pops. They turned out so cute. I was very proud of them. I know, I know there are no dimples. The little golf tees let you know what we were going for though....right?
Well, all I can say is he is one lucky man. His wife was determined to make this one impressive party. When I delivered the cake, I knew she had succeeded. I didn't get to meet her because she was bringing the birthday boy later, but it was one rockin' party. I wanted to stay and join in. I definitely have a challenge to outdo our little bowling party next year!'s to wonderful parties where we show our special someones how much they mean to us!

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  1. Thank you for the ideas! My cousin is getting married and I knew I wanted to cake pops, but couldn't figure out the stick thing!