Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Week, Another Cake

 Let me just start by saying that I love having the opportunity to make a cake again. I mean, I always learn something and no matter how great a cake turns out, there is always something I wish I had done better or just differently. This week was a complete week of "take two's". It was so fun to recreate cakes that I had made before. It all started with this pirate ship which just so happened to be for a sweet, sweet little boy and his best buddy (J and S). The first pirate ship that I made was when I was first getting started making cakes and although I loved it, I was very pleased with how the proportions worked with this one.

 I did the wood planks again, but made the water out of fondant instead of buttercream this time around. Although it was much more time consuming, I felt it really pulled the cake together well.

 Here is cute little Pirate J.
 And the treasure of course.
 And the island and palm tree are a must. Getting those darn leaves to stay on that tree was a real buggar!
 And here is Pirate S.
 Last October I designed the three tiered version of this Monster Truck cake for my son's 4th birthday. He was very excited that someone had requested "his" cake. I wouldn't tell him this, but I think this one just might have turned out a little better than his.

 Fondant Rocks!

 And last but not least, there is Thomas number 2. I just made this cake a couple weeks ago so I was thrilled when someone else wanted one. I was very pleased to make it again!

This is a huge cake!

Well, it was a fun week of learning and trying out new techniques on past designs. This week also officially puts me at my one year anniversary of making fondant cakes. I started making them one year ago when my youngest son turned one. I thought I would share that first fondant cake with you and also the firsts of this weeks fun do-overs!  Enjoy!

It is just so amazing to me to look back at this year. When I first thought I would make a cake or two for some friends, I never thought it would turn into a year long adventure. I have loved every minute of it and give God 100% credit, honor, glory and praise. Somehow, I just know in my heart that He guides me in each cake and sends so many wonderful people my way. I have made so many new friends and grown closer to so many ladies that I would otherwise not had the opportunity to bond with. I am so grateful to all of my wonderful friends and especially my FaceBook fans who encourage me every week. You are all such a blessing.
Hope you have a great week!

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