Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fire Truck Cake and Max and Ruby

 I had the opportunity to make another firetruck this week. And this one was a monster. It was huge. She wanted it to serve around 80 or so...most of those being kids. When I cut out the cake board it looked like just the right size, but by the time I carved the cake and covered it in icing and fondant, it was massive. I thought it looked great though.

 The name was the mom's idea and I loved it. And...I tried to be creative and come up with some great angle for the picture.....but you can tell my creativity stops at cake decorating.
 Max and Ruby.....Ruby and Max! So....I realize this is complete picture overload, but I took like one hundred pictures of this adorable cake so I needed to show them to somebody! You are that lucky person!
 Every thing is 100% edible!

 Love this stye tree. Of course I am not the first to do it, but if something works, why change it?

 Just look at those perfectly round shrubs. I wish I could get my shrubs in front of my house to look that good. Oh if only everything in life could be made out of fondant!

Well that's all for this week. It was a light week. Hope you enjoyed. See you next time!

Karate, Toy Story, and a Baby Shower

 Yep, my titles are really intense...right? Well this was a fun week. I loved this Katate Cake. It was so fun....of course the most fun part was trying to get the letters in his name to look "Karate...ish".  And this nice little cake had a good ways to travel as well. But they were nice enough to post pictures of the birthday boy with his cake, and I was relieved to see that it made it there in one piece. It is funny to me when someone says "Well once it is out of your hands you don't have to worry about it." or "You did your is their cake now." I never feel that way. That cake is my baby. I work hard to make each cake as perfect as I can and the thought of it not being that perfect when it makes it to the person who is celebrating just about breaks my heart.
 I made fun little silhouettes to go all the way around the cake.
 Toy Story! We are a Toy Story lovin' family so I had lots of inspiration for this cake. Not to mention a little boy who it had to wins approval before it could even make it to the birthday boy.

 I loved how the wood grain turned out on this headboard. know, it is the little things in life that bring us joy! lol I kept opening the fridge to check it out. I was just a tad proud....I's silly.
 Nice pillow, huh? I actually made a fondant "pillow case". I thought it looked more real than just making a square.

 More of that lovely wood grain effect.
 And I also had the great pleasure of making a baby shower cake for one of my dearest friends. Several months ago I made the "Reveal Cake" for her. She had her doctor text me the results of the ultrasound so that even she and the father to be did not know the sex of the baby until they cut into the cake that afternoon with their family. I was so honored to make it and again honored to make this cake.

 I am just loving this cupcake stand. I have used it a couple times now and just adore it. Some people just like cupcakes so this is a wonderful way to give them both.
 And this is my sweet friend with her cake. Okay...I realize it doesn't really look that much like my four year old informed me....but hey I tried!
It was a great week of cakes. So much fun. I always look forward to the strange combinations my weeks seem to hold. Hope you all have a very blessed week. And remember to take some time and eat something makes life so much better!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Man!

 Alright, alright. I know this is supposed to be a blog about the cakes that I make, but I just had to share all of the fun party details. My little man turned 2 this week. It is such a joy to make a cake for my own kiddo! I loved it. I was of course just a tad bit obsessive, but I wanted it to be perfect. I included all of his favorite things. Him on the front holding his ever present yellow blanket...why in the world he would choose the one yellow blanket that I did pack up when we found out he was a boy to be his favorite thing in the world is beyond me. We have big brother behind the that what you call it on a train? Then a car full of "ruff ruffs" as he would say. And last but not least a car full of farm animals. The story behind the cow and the sheep is actually quite funny. He has a sheep stuffed animal that "baas" when you squeeze it but for some reason he calls it "my moo". So I thought it was funny to put them both on there side by side. And you can't see Mr. Piggie trying to escape from this angle.
 Here are the puppies. Notice the tongue hanging out.
 Awww, there is Mr. Piggie.
 And Birthday Boy on the front with Big Brother driving this thing.

 I tried making cake pops for the first time. They may not have been the best looking culinary creations, but boy oh boy were they yummy. I can't wait to make some more!
 And mini cupcakes....yes....I did have a ton of cake left over!
 And here is the party spread. it was so yummy!....yep that is a plate of fruit right see it? Right there on the left.
 Goodie Bags! Each party goer got to take home a plaster train bank to paint...along with the paint and a brush.

 My sweet little man! I think it was merging on naptime at this point.
 Cake anyone? The hubs was a great assistant.
 Big Brother enjoying the cake.
 Birthday Boy digging in. He like it!
Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us. It was a lot of fun. Can't wait to do it again!

Oh, I can't think of a title!

 A friend...who just so happens to also be photographer asked me to make a "quilt" themed cake for her mother. This is what I came up with. Of course her beautiful picture takin' abilities makes it look oh so much better!
I pieced the quilt together with textured fondant. It really came alive to me. I just adore hand made quilts so it was really fun to come up with a design for the fondant quilt.
This is a shot of the "quilt" before it went on to the cake. I was really afraid it was going to be a huge disaster so I took pictures of it just in case it did not survive the move.
 But it turned out perfect. I couldn't have been more pleased. I love it!
I added on some more fun fondant sewing thingies! I really fell in love with it, but I was not in any way expecting the huge reaction I got from all of my wonderful Facebook friends. It really seemed to be a huge hit. I was so happy I had decided to take the extra time to make it really original! Oh, and I am told the birthday lady loved it and that is all that really matters....right?

 This is a Cupcake Cake! How fun is this? Love, love, love the fun girl colors. The "cupcake" is 100% fondant.

 Fondant Cupcake!
 And that monster of a cupcake is the smash cake for the sweet little birthday girl to dig into!
 Sweet Iris! I got to meet this beautiful little girl on the day of pickup. She was such a little doll. The prettiest eyes ever! Anyway....this was a fun cake. Loved the colors. It was great to use pretty pinks and yellow, yet still keep the feel of the traditional Minnie and Mickey.

 Flower "dots" instead of polka dots.

 Every once in a while someone needs a cake that I just can not make. I hate...I mean hate to say no. It just breaks my heart. I would work day and night if I let myself. This week a very special friend asked me to make a large sheet cake for her son's Eagle Scout celebration. Unfortunately, at this time I do not have a fridge large enough to hold a whole sheet cake so we compromised. She bought a white cake somewhere else and I made the fondant details to decorate it. 
 This is the Eagle Scout badge and a banner along with ribbon details to go on the corners of the cake.

I will be sure to share a picture of the final product if she happens to have one. 

Thanks for visiting my little blog. See you next week.