Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dr. Seuss, Fancy Nancy, Fun with Trains!!!

Dr. Seuss!! Love it!!! I have been patiently waiting for someone to order a Dr. Seuss cake! It was so much fun. is supposed to be leaning...Topsy Turvy as it is called. So much fun!
Thing 1 hand sculpted out of fondant and 100% edible.
 And Thing 2
 A fun little fuzzy tree!
And a nice and messy smash cake for the birthday boy to dig into!
Is this not just the cutest thing ever? The customer requested the cake stand and I am so happy she did. I decorated it with scrapbooking paper and cute ribbon. It added so much to the entire cake!
Beautiful little 6 inch cake topped with a tea kettle made of rice treats covered in fondant! So much fun!

Again, I got to make cupcakes!

We will just call this one the Train Track Cake. I made the 3D fondant train to match the train pictured on the party plates. This sweet little boy is also a friend of my youngest son. They have been together in Sunday School since they were only months old. Colin also has two beautiful little sisters who I also got to make cakes for this year. What a blessing to be a part of the celebration of three children this year!

 Milk!!! and cookie dough.

Cookie Dough...fondant cookie dough!

Well, that all she wrote! It was a great week. I loved all the bright colors. And I got to make two cake silhouettes that I have not tried in the past...true topsy turby and also the hourglass shape of the Fancy Nancy. I also discovered that I love cup cake stands! I will be purchasing several of these and adding them to my price list. 

It is so hard to believe I am coming up on my one year anniversary of making cakes. July 30, 2010 was the first time I made a fondant cake for my baby boy's first birthday. As I look back at all the wonderful cakes I have had the opportunity to make and all of little kiddos that those cakes made happy....I am truly blessed. I have met so many new friends and grown closer to friends I have known for years. Making cakes was not in my plan...or the foreseeable future, but God had a different plan. And boy does He know what He is doing! I give Him all the praise, honor and glory!!!!
Love you all!


  1. Your cakes look amazing. The toopsy turvy cake has to be a favorite though. I’m glad you enjoyed making these and also congratulations on the upcoming first anniversary of your business.

  2. Wow... Nice! You are a very intellectual designer for cake. i really am amazed to see that you can convert anything in a cake.