Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer is Here

With Summer comes tons of wonderfully fun birthday parties! I love it! I have so many great opportunities to make beautiful cakes over the past couple weeks. I am so excited to share them with you. I hope you enjoy!

What says Summer better than a crawfish boil? I made these fondant crawfish, potatoes and corn for a client to add as a cake topper to a store bought cake. They turned out so adorable! I was even impressed with my work....and that is rare! hahahaha   ***please ignore the ugly green foam that they are on top of***

Then came all of the great birthday cakes. I have been having so much fun working on these. My two are planning out their cakes as I go so I have a feeling I may be making some of these again in the near future!
 I like to call this one the Crazy Ribbon Cake. I kitchen was covered in all this adorable curly fondant ribbon. I ended up with way more than I needed. Sure hope they put it to good use at the party. I couldn't bear to throw it all away so I gave it to the client to use as she willed.
 I just adored all these beautiful, fun, bright colors. It just screams fun, summertime birthday party!
I also had the opportunity to create another Kai Lan cake. It was a small 6 inch, so I will call it the Kai Lan Mini. It is always so much fun to make a cake the second time around because I get to change all those little things I would have done differently. And of course it is always easier the second time around as well because I have a better game plan!
 Everything is completely 100% edible.
This was my first Kai Lan Cake with the whole crew on it.
It is not too often I get to make two of the same cake in opposing colors. This is to be a Toy Story Cake Combo. The characters would be added to the pillows once at the party location.  

 Even the cake flavors were opposites, one vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and the other chocolate cake with almond buttercream.....which turned out to be oh so yummy!

 I even got to create cute little corresponding cupcakes.
Then it was time to change gears and create a big, beautiful princess castle. This was also a "second chance" cake for me. I love them both, but adored the cute little trees on this one.

And here is the first castle I made several months ago...which doesn't sound like much, but you have to remember I just started making cake a little less than a year ago so a few months makes a big difference for me.  It was still absolutely adorable!
 Ladybug Cake!!! I just love ladybugs. So sweet. Why is it that most bugs creep us out but just because this little thing is adorable and polka-dotted it doesn't bother us so much? I think I went a little over board while making the ladybugs and ended up with about 30. I found a spot for most of them!
 The smash cake is covered in buttercream with fondant accents so the little birthday girl can dig in and get messy!
 The big lady on top is sculpted out of cake as well! Not my typical fondant figure.

Well, this summer is getting off to a great start!!! So many cakes, so little time!

Hope you all have a blessed and safe summer.