Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh Boy!!!

Now I have told you so many times how much I love getting to make cutesy, girly cakes. It just brings out the diva in me...and brings a little pink into my house! But this week I got to go all boy. And they were both cakes that fit right in my life. Trains and dinosaurs.
 Thomas the Train!!! My boys were in love with this cake. They begged me not to hand it over. And boy was it a big cake!!! It turned out a lot larger then I had originally envisioned but it was a beauty. I just loved it. 
 Now, I know Thomas isn't perfect, and his face could be better, but I was so very proud of myself.

 What could possibly be better than a train full of candy?!
 So, once again I had a little trouble with the facial features, but I thought it turned out pretty darn good. Surely a two year old would recognize it as Thomas...right?
Then you have dinosaurs! I just adore dinosaurs. Unfortunately both of my boys prefer cars and airplanes to anything else. No matter how many dino toys I come home with, they always end up on the bottom of the toy box. can imagine how much I enjoyed getting to make this cake. Everything is 100% edible!

 Just a couple views of the back and sides. I spend all that time making them look nice, I hate not to share them with you.

 The little dino's watch in horror as their home is destroyed!
And this is what it is all about! It just doesn't matter how beautiful a cake is if it doesn't take just as wonderful!

Happy Eating!


  1. Love the train cake.. and look at that fun candy in the last 2 cars!! I am already thinking of what Fulton's first birthday cake could be!!

  2. Well, you just plan away! I can't wait to get to make a cake for that little buddy! I need to get started planning Ian's cake too. I can't believe he will be 2 in just a little over a month!