Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let's Play Catch-Up

I have just been so busy that I have neglected to share my little creations with you. I made this cute baby shower cake a few weeks ago. I was so sick that week, so I had to wait until I was completely better before I touched the cake.....didn't want soon-to-be mommy getting sick. It was a little bit of a last minute job, but I loved the pink and green. Spent all of two hours on it. I was happy to get that. As the date was getting closer, I started to wonder if this would be the one that I had to call and tell them there would be no cake. I just know it will happen one day....just happy it wasn't this day.  Thankfully, it was a dear friend so I wasn't as stressed as I would have been otherwise.
 I think it turned out just precious. Such a girlie little number!
The sweet Mommy-To-Be with her cake.

After I was well over the turmoil of being sick with a cake to be made hanging over my head, it was on to brighter days....and bright cakes!!!!
 This cake was for a very dear friend's little girl. She wanted something bright...so she got bright. I just fell in love with it. Of course I have mentioned before how I adore daisies. This is definitely on my faves list.

I have gotten so many comments and compliments on the owl cake I made months ago. I love owls. Almost as much as I love daisies. I tell you....I should have had a daughter! So you can imagine how excited I was to get to make another owl cake! 

 The owl is hand sculpted out of fondant and 100% edible. But, it will also dry extremely hard and can be kept for years to come.
 This cake was for a kiddo's first birthday, so I made a little Smash.....cupcake. It was the mom's idea and such a great one at that. I will reuse that for sure! The mini owl is also made out of fondant.
 Now did you not just look at that and say "Awww"? I just know you did. I know it is never polite to brag on your own work, but that thing just turned out as adorable as they come!

That one was fun! Loved the cake and loved getting to make it. The big sis to the birthday girl let me know at school the following Monday that it was a yummy cake. It was so touching. Sweet, sweet family!

I know it is hard to top the cuteness of the owls, but my next order was a beautiful black and white cake. My friend sent me a picture asking if I could make a cake like it. Now you know I never say no. I had never made a flower this large before, but I was ready for the challenge. Andi always gives me something to push me to try new things. We all need a friend like that.
 I just so happen to have large pictures of this type of flower all over my house, so I had lots of inspiration while working on it.
 I had to prop the flower up in the back so that the front would be beautiful...but I couldn't just leave it like that. So I dolled it up a bit. Turned out really cute.
 This is Oswald! Such a cute little cartoon. I always enjoy getting to create cartoon characters. It is always interesting. Fondant just has a mind of it's own sometimes. Poor Henry the penguin is supposed to be tall and thin but the fondant said he had a large lunch...and maybe a little ice cream snack to follow it!

All of the figures are hand sculpted out of fondant and 100% edible.

Well, that about does it. You are all up to date. I am so enjoying getting to create cakes for all of my wonderful friends. You guys are so loving and supportive. My calendar stays busy. I have cakes planned all the way into November. Such a blessing!!!! I started this little cake making adventure less than a year ago and already I have entire months completely booked. God truly is amazing and I give Him all the honor and glory! Thank you all so much for encouraging me!


  1. Amazing Cakes Hope ! ♥
    You are really truly talented !

  2. Thanks so much for making our cake for us! It was both beautiful and delicious!