Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Have a Ball...Soccer That Is!

Now isn't that just the cutest soccer ball cake you have ever seen? I just loved it. The ball turned out perfectly. Some cakes just make me stand back and smile. I kept opening my fridge and just giggling inside. There is always things on cakes that I step back and say " time I am going to do this differently.". But this time I was really pleased. The ball just looked so real. My one year old kept crying saying "Ball...Mine"! I couldn't help but to laugh.

Okay!!! Enough bragging on my own work. Hope they liked it as much as I did!


  1. Hello Hope! I love your soccer cake!!! I was just wondering, what size is your bottom tier? And did you use the Wilton ball cake pan/mold for the ball? I'm only asking because I have been asked to make a soccer cake for someone, and I'm pretty confidant in my ability to pull it off, but I'm just a little bit in question of the size issue.