Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Little Creations

When my oldest little boy was approaching his first birthday in October of 2007, my sweet mother-n-law asked "What kind of cake are you planning to make?". Well, that simple question started it all. I had never made a cake before...not even a simple thrown together one. The thought had never even crossed my mind. I mean, isn't that what bakeries are for? Couldn't I just order some random cake like everyone else? I was quickly informed that she had never purchased a cake and that she made all of her children's cakes herself. That was all it took. I was in full challenge mode. Of course, she insisted on making a cake for his first birthday...just to be sure it was done properly. But I too had to make something. And so, that is how it all started. For the next two years I would challenge myself with a cake to match our party theme. When little brother's first birthday rolled around in August of 2010, I was prepared...or so I thought. That is when a cousin emailed the recipe for marshmallow fondant for me to test out. I was hooked. I have made over 30 cakes since that date and can not imagine doing anything else! I am so grateful to God for giving me a wonderful, challenging Mother-n-Law! She is such an inspiration and so encouraging. She not only bought my first set of Wilton Tips, but she also bought my first stand mixer. Now, I always give her all the credit for getting me started but my two little boys are the inspiration that keeps me going. And my wonderful hubby gives me all the encouragement I could ever ask for. I think he is my biggest promoter! And my own adoring mother was the driving force for me to begin making cakes for my friends. So, if you ever wondered where it all started here you go. These are my first cakes!!!!

                                   This was the car cake she made for my older son's first birthday.
                                         And this was what I came up with...plastic cars and all!
                                                      Number 2...he loved the train!
  And number 3!

This was my first fondant cake. I even made the monsters! I was in love.

Okay, now I have to hurry up and post some pictures of my newer cakes so everyone doesn't only see these!!!! Thanks for stopping by and reminiscing with me. Hope you have a very blessed day!



  1. Practice makes a man perfect and woman too. Your mother in law seriously loves you and your son that she unknowingly turned you into a cake maker.