Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cheerleader Cake

This week I was asked to make a cake for a cheerleader turning 8 years old. Some of you might not know this, but I was a cheerleader back in the day! Co-captain of the team actually....who cares if it was just Jr. High? That kind of thing sticks with you...right? Well, regardless, I really had fun with this one. The little girl cheers with the ACE Cheer Company so I did a little research and tried to match the uniform on the fondant cheerleader as closely as possible. It turned out so super cute! It made me wish I had a little girl.

Now, the design was fun. Working with red and black fondant....not so much. They are the worst colors to work with! Can I say that just one more time? Red and black are the worst colors to work with. If you are thinking or ordering a red or black cake, give a couple weeks to forget how much I don't like working with these colors! Okay, okay, it wasn't that bad and I was really proud of the end result. And sweet Abigail just made it all worth while. She was the sweetest, most adorable little girl. She just melted my heart the moment I met her and she was so thrilled with the cake. I could do this for the rest of my life if everyone reacted the way she did. I truly wish her the best birthday ever!

Happy Birthday Abigail!

Cakes, Cakes, and More Cakes

I wanted to share some of my past work with you....mostly to redeem myself from that first race track Hope you enjoy!
Gizmo Tennessee Cake

 The kitty that didn't make the cut!

MSU cake for the Hubby!
Hand sculpted, fondant Bully.
 My first three tiered, leaning cake!
And the little smash cake for the sweet kiddo!
Star Trek Cake
I like to call this the Logo Cake...because I am not sure what it says, but I copied their logo exactly! lol
My first sugar flowers.
 Kai Lan Cake
And smash cake.
 Hand sculpted, fondant figures.

 Baby Shower Cake

 Go Bulllll... I mean Gators!
 Button Baby Shower Cake
 My all time fav!!! The Owl Cake.
 Hand sculpted, fondant owl.
 Monster Truck Cake
 Fondant rocks and tires.
 Matching cupcakes for the Monster Truck Cake!
 Beautiful Lollipop Cake for and adorable little lady.
 The adorable table setting made the cake look even better!
 Cowboy Baby Shower cake for my sweet sister-n-law!
Hand sculpted, fondant cowboy baby!
Roll Tide!!!
 Hand sculpted, fondant Al.
 Batman Cake!

Princess Castle Cake
 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake (The Mickey is plastic)
 Fondant Toodles
 "I Love Lucy" Mini Cake with a fondant 50's TV.

 Call of Duty Cake

 Fondant Hand Gun
 Valentine's Day Cupcakes!

 Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, We're on our way!!!

 Hand sculpted, fondant figures.
 Julia's Heart Cake. 
I usually leave names out, but I was alowed to create this one any way I wanted. 
When I thought about sweet Julia, I knew it would have to have hearts on it!

 Pink and Orange Baby Shower Cake
 Hand Sculpted, fondant baby in a bathtub!
I made the entire cake based on this adorable baby (yes, I borrowed this idea from someone else).
 Pirate Ship Cake
Everything is Edible!

 Bow Cake
Hope you enjoyed them all! I can't wait to hear your feedback.
Hope you have a blessed day!