Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The "Pizza" Cake

 I have seen this done so many times on tv cake shows, so I was very intrigued when I was asked to make one. I used buttercream icing as the marinara sauce, melted white chocolate for the melted cheese, and grated fondant for the shredded cheese. The pepperoni, black olives and sausages are all fondant. The checkered board and napkin note are also fondant....couldn't figure out exactly how to get "Happy Birthday Cason" on there. The pictures don't really show it, but the "napkin" is textured to look like a real napkin. 

Well, Tuesday is our pizza night, so I am off to eat the real thing! Maybe I will show them a picture of my pizza and see if they catch on that it is a cake.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spider Cake

 I have never heard or thought of this theme for a first birthday before. To be honest, when she first told me this was the theme, I was a little concerned. I wondered..."how in the world can I make a spider girlie?". Oh but girlie it was. I absolutely adored this cake. I had no real plan when I started. I just knew I wanted lots of flowers. Now, if you have ever ordered a cake from me, you know that I have to have a plan. I need examples and inspiration. I want to know exactly what I am making before the eggs even go into the batter. So it was such a fun adventure to just create this cake as I went. And trust me, I looked for examples of cakes other people had done. There were just no Itsy Bitsy Spider cakes out there that looked like what I wanted to create. This is definitely on the very top of my favorites list now.

I also had the privilege of making the baby shower cake for this sweet little lady one year ago.

Caden's Train Cake

 This cake has been on my calendar for a longer length of time than any other cake. I love a woman with a plan! It turned out so bright and cheerful. I sure hope it was everything she was dreaming of.
 The little train was created out of fondant and is 100% edible...as always.

Ariel Cake

 Hayden is just the sweetest little girl ever! She was in my preschool class last year....and she made the year worth while. I adored this little girl. So, you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to create a cake for her birthday.
 Ariel is created out of fondant and is 100% edible.

Baby Shower Cakes

This is the Gift Box Baby Shower Cake. Such a fun, funky cake. Although it looks pretty large, it is actually a "mini" which consists of 9inch, 6 inch and 4 inch tiers. I sure hope the mommy to be felt super special when she saw the cake her wonderful friends had gotten for her.

So, while we are checking out baby shower cakes, I thought I would share a few of my past baby shower cakes.

 The following cake is a very special baby cake....not a shower but a reveal. A reveal of the sex of the baby for mom, dad, and the entire family. The doctor actually text the result to me and I was able to create the cake and have it ready for a family dinner that night. For it to be such a simple cake, it was definitely one of the most special.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Julian's Jungle Cake

Is this not just the cutest cake? I love, love, love the animals! So fun and colorful!

And by now I am sure you know I always have to show the back. I try to make every angle of the cake detailed and beautiful.

Now, Julian is a special little boy. This is actually the second cake I have made for him. I created this Mickey Mouse cake for his 2nd birthday last year.
I love being a part of this special event two years in a row. This is such a sweet family and I can not wait to create another one for them!

Auburn Cakes vs Alabama Cakes

Auburn vs Alabama!!!! Being from Mississippi, this whole battle is new to me. Personally, I don't have a favorite...but I must say Auburn fans seem to like having me make cakes for their special occasions....... So, I thought I would share my cakes for both sides. Roll Tide!!!! or....... War Eagle!!!!

A little surprise birthday cake for a good friends hubby!

 An adorable cheerleading cake for a precious little girl.

A very awesome baby shower cake. 

 And last but not least an Alabama themed cake for a surprise 40th birthday party. With Big Al sporting the last name of the birthday boy...I mean man. This was one of my first cakes, so if anyone out there would like to provide the opportunity for me to make it again...and make it better, I am game.

Well, there you have it. Hope you enjoyed! And just for fun here are a few other teams I have had the privilege to represent in sugar.

This cake I made for my husband. It was only about my fourth fondant cake to make, so please excuse the sloppiness. 

Oh Bully....he has seen better days. I worked on this little doggie for hours and was just not happy with the final product...luckily it was for my hubbs so it wasn't such a big deal. He liked it....and still has the little guy.
This cute little Tennessee cake was my very first cake to create for a customer. I call it the Tennessee Gizmo cake. The kitty on top is supposed to look like the beloved kitty, Gizmo, of the birthday boy. I was going for the cat on top of a blanket look. I was pretty proud of it...and when the man called immediately after his wife gave him the cake to tell me how much he loved, it sealed the deal that I would be creating cakes for a long time to come. It is such a great feeling when I know I am making something that is going to make someone so happy.

And then we have my Florida Gators Cake! Again, this cake was created when I was just getting into this cake making world. Sometimes it is so hard to look back at pictures from the beginning because I see all those little flaws that I would know exactly how to prevent now. This cake was for a very loved and respected pastor of a local church. 

So, how much do you love your team??? Enough to have them made in sugar???