Monday, March 23, 2015

This year is getting off to a wonderful start. I have had such great opportunities to create some amazing cakes. Mickey Mouse, Cat in the Hat, Frozen, Pirate Ships, Princess Castles, Super Heros and Cookie Monster all made the cut! I love that so many moms really want to make parties super special for their little kiddos! So...don't stop scrolling. This post is filled with great cakes all the way to the last one. 

 Mickey Mouse Cake and Smash Cake

Pirate Cake

 Igloo and Penguin Cake
 Heart Cake. Created for a special little girl who turned one on Valentine's Day and was born with a whole in her heart which required surgery. As you can imagine, her first birthday was a big celebration.
 Starbucks Cake
 Starbucks Cake and Cupcakes
 Starbucks Cupcakes, Chocolate Caramel
 Blue and Purple Frozen Cake
 Blue and Purple Frozen Cupcakes
 Frozen Smash Cupcake
 Super Hero Cake with Hulk Fist
 Fondant Hulk Fist
 Cat in the Hat Cake. This mom actually drew the cake out exactly as she wanted it to look. It was such fun getting to bring her drawing to life.

 Elephant Cake
 Elephant Smash Cake
 Pink Minnie Mouse Cake
 Whale Cake

 Whale Smash Cake
 Cookie Monster Cake. My new favorite cake!!!! I just love this big guy!
 Sculpted Cookie Monster Cake
 Frozen Cake
 Alabama Houndstooth Cake
 Pink, Blue and Gold Chevron Cake
 Pirate Ship Cake

 Ursula Cake
 Fondant Ursula
 I created the fondant details for this sheet cake. I made the same emblems for her older son's cake 4 years ago when I had just started making cakes. Eagle Scout Cake

 Princess Castle Cake
 Harriet the Hen Sculpted Cake

 Frozen Ruffles Cake

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Frozen and TMNT...along with some other great cakes!!

I have created some awesome cakes over the past few months. It has been such a blessing to be allowed to be a part of all these kiddos birthday celebrations...and a few Christmas parties thrown in there too. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed creating them. Please stop by and leave a comment. I love getting feedback and questions. 

Transportation Cake

 The train is created of marshmallow fondant and is completely edible.

Star Wars Cake
The mom found this cake on pinterest and asked me to create it for her birthday boy. She loved the font on the original cake so much that she ordered the letter molds and had them shipped to me just for her cake. What a blessing it is to have such wonderful clients. 

Luke is created of Marshmallow fondant. 

 Pink Giraffe Cake
So, so sweet. I just adore that cute little, edible giraffe. 

 You Are My Sunshine Cake
Cutest party theme ever. I just love how these colors look together. I want this cake for my birthday. 

Frozen Ruffles Cake
This cake was the mommy's idea. How great to do something different than the typical Frozen cakes. 

Frozen Castle Cake
Elsa, Anna and Olaf are all created of Marshallow fondant. This was one big cake! I just adore it. What little girl doesn't want a huge castle cake for her birthday.

 Train Cake
Simple, clean and absolutely adorable!

 Minecraft Cake

 Dr. Seuss Cake
This one just might be my favorite cake of the year! I love all the bright colors and whimsical details. 

 Is that not the cutest little fish bowl ever? I just might have to force one of my boys to have a Dr. Seuss party so I can create this one again.

 One of my very favorite smash cakes. That blue and yellow look so good together.

Christmas Celebration Cake

Woody Toy Story Cake

Birthday Party for Jesus Cake
I created this little cake for my son's preschool class "Birthday Party for Jesus". It was just a little snack time party so I made it in buttercream to make it easier for the teachers to cut and serve. I just loved their idea to teach the children the real meaning of Christmas and really bring it to life with birthday party just for Jesus. 

 Mr. Potato Head Cake

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake
All of the turtles are created of fondant and are completely edible. 

 Lilly's Frozen Cake

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Cake
Please excuse my horrible photography skills. My little boy is my official paper holder for all cake pictures and he was at school when I had to do this one. 

Red and Black Minnie Mouse Cake

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake

Gender Reveal Cake
The inside was PINK!!
I don't get very many men as customers, but a man ordered this cake for his son and daughter in law. What fun it is to be one of the only two people who know such a great secret. I was so impressed that he ordered this one for them. He is going to make such a wonderful grandpa. 

Xbox Cake
The controller is made completely of fondant. 

Green Bay Packers Jersey Cake

Super Hero Cupcakes

Thank you all so much for going on this little cake journey with me. Don't forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think.