Thursday, November 2, 2017

Engagement Cakes

What a very special day in the lives of a couple in love!! It was such a joy to be a part of this celebration!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Shopkins Cake

I have three I am sure you know by now... and I was a total tom boy growing up, so I totally do not understand the world of Shopkins. But it sure is adorable!!!! All the sweet little faces are just too much. You can't help but smile when a chocolate chip cookie is literally smiling back at you...right??!!

All of the little Shopkin figures are created out of fondant so they are completely edible. Who knew marshmallows and sugar could be so adorable? 

Just a whole bunch of cuteness going on here!!!

And here is another take on the Shopkins cake. How can you possibly not love a giant cupcake wearing a crown and smiling at you? I mean really...if you are not grinning from ear to ear, you need to go eat a cupcake...or a donut...for real.

Again, all the little figures are created out of marshmallow fondant so they are edible!

These two cakes are just so cute to me. Let me know what you think. Which Shopkins characters would you like to see in cake?? Leave a message below.

Creepy Crawly Cake

 Sooooo......I know I said the last cake was my favorite, but this one...this one is really my favorite. I know girls aren't supposed to like bugs and frogs and snakes, but I just do. Frogs are so cute!!!! Now....I totally skip the spider. It actually creeped me out just sitting on my counter waiting to be added to the cake. It was eerily realistic. And the snake!!!! Do you see his face?? He turned out way better than I expected. I want this cake for my birthday!

This cake had lots of texture and hand painting. The tree bark started out a light brown and I added texture and painted in the grooves with gel food color. It really brought out the texture. I also painted most of the bugs, the frogs and the snake with gel food color. It made them look so realistic.

Would you just look at that spider?? He looks so real! I couldn't stand it. Spiders are not on my like list. I literally shuddered every time I looked over at this big guy sitting on my counter.

A little "paint" made these cute little dart frogs look deadly! And that bug...I don't even know what kind of bug that is, but the dark shading made his "shell" look hard and shiny. Hard to believe all of this was created out of marshmallows and sugar.

I hope you loved this one as much as I do. Even if you don't like creepy crawly things, I hope you could appreciate the amount of detail in each little critter! Let me know your thoughts!!! You can message me here, find me on Facebook and Instagram or email at I look forward to hearing from you. 

Lego Ninjago Cake

I have three little boys who all love legos and ninja and swords!!! So, I was super pumped to create this awesome cake!!!! I mean, what 6 year old wouldn't flip out over this? I love the rounded lego head, the swords sticking out, and those awesome ninja stars seeming to float in mid air. I just love this cake!!!!!

The little ninja guys are created out of fondant so they are completely edible. After making the figure, I used gel food color to paint on the details. I could not be any prouder of how they turned out. Those little guys are tough to paint.

I hope you enjoyed this Lego Ninjago Cake. We are super excited to see the movie!!!! Hopefully I will have a few more of these in my near future.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!!!! You can leave a message here or email me at

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Naked Cakes and Simple Buttercream

This past year, the naked cake has really become a huge hit. It has such a rustic, no fuss attitude. At first I thought I was being a little jaded by the whole no decorations on cakes thing, but I have grown to love it!!!! From tiny little smash cakes to super charming Bride's cakes, the naked cake or simple buttercream cake is taking the cake making world by storm.

This precious little lady is sprinkle cake. The adorable little sprinkles just show through enough to add a fun little touch and the fresh flowers take it over the top. 

 This little smash cake is a "semi-naked". It has just a thin layer of buttercream over the cake so that the cake layers still peak through. Again, the fresh flowers are the perfect touch to give it that easy going personality.

 No fresh flowers on this little guy, but I did trek through the woods to find the perfect sticks to make this "1". So sweet and simple and perfect!!!!

This is the "big cake" to go with that sweet smash cake. The mom provided the little forest animals and they were just too cute. More sticks and a little rosemary for trees. I just loved the simplicity of this cake!!!

No babies or about to be one year olds in your crew?? Check out these super yummy naked cakes. I called this one strawberry shortcake overload. I make a wonderful strawberry compote and pored it over each layer of cake before adding vanilla buttercream. After stacking, I poured strawberry compote and white chocolate over it all. It was literally the best cake I have ever eaten. I am just waiting for an excuse to make it again!!!

Soooo....I tried to talk my son into requesting one for his birthday, but he was set on chocolate and peanut butter. And let me just tell you right now that this was nothing short of amazing!!! Thick layers of chocolate cake sandwiched between decadent peanut butter buttercream and crumbled Reese's Peanut butter Cups then drizzled in milk was heaven! Yes...thank you 8 year old child for requesting my dream cake.

This sweet little naked cake was for a friend's daughter. How do you make a naked cake exude Hollywood movie night?? Well, old film reel of course. I thought it turned out super cute.

So this little number is just buttercream with a beautiful watercolor. Super sweet and super easy. It just makes such an adorable little cake. 

This one takes the semi naked cake to a whole new level. Chocolate cake and chocolate drizzle with beautiful fresh flowers....just doesn't get much better than that!!!

 My friend requested this cake for her little girl. Tiny toy horses were added at the party. It was so adorable. Lots of drama....just like every little girl needs on her birthday.

These next three cakes all have the same simple buttercream design but are accented differently with fresh flowers. God sure does do some amazing work!!!

I have shown you this monster of a cake in a previous post, but I just had to share again. Semi naked cake with gold airbrushing and fresh flowers. Doesn't get much easier than that! Easy to create and yet packs so much drama!

I do not know how long this naked and simple cake trend will last, but I sure am enjoying it while it is here!

I hope you enjoyed these fun little cake ideas. Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts!!!  

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Pink and Gold Cakes

 Am I the only one totally in love with the pink and gold trend?? Maybe it is because I live in a house full of boys and need to get some glam going or maybe I just love all things shimmery, but I adore pink and gold cake designs. My little heart flutters every time I get a request for one. The gold sprinkles and edible gold glitter come out!!!!! Take a look at a few of my favorites that I have created.

This first one is just so sweet and simple. The contrast between the black and white stripes and the shimmery gold is so fun. And oh...those beautiful fresh flowers. Just so precious. This cake would be perfect for a baby shower or bridal tea...or just to celebrate a wonderful lady in your life. One of my absolute favs!!!

This next one had a lot of the same design elements and feel as the previous one. The fondant roses are a fun accent. This cake was designed by a fellow at home cake decorator here in my home town. She experienced a tragedy in her family the week it was to be created and asked if I could make it for her client. Of course us cake decorators have to stick together, so I was more than happy to bring her design to life. I was honored to create it in her absence.

Look at all that sparkle!!!

This beautiful little creation is not my own design either. It was a design request found on Pinterest. But oh my goodness!!!!! It is so adorable!!! I love, love, love it. This particular cake is a mini...which is my 6 inch and 4 inch tiers. It's a tiny little cake that packs a big, bold look. I just love a mini. That one little gold stripe is just the icing on the cake!!!

It seems that all of my cakes have a story to tell. This pretty little lady had her own. I had a last minute cake cancelation. The cakes were already stacked and iced. So, I posted on facebook that I had a cake up for grabs. A very lucky family just happened to be in need of a last minute cake! So we came up with a fairly simple design. I just fell in love the buttercream texture of the top tier. And the gold watercolor on the bottom added just the right touch of abstract. This one holds a special place in my heart. The thought of having to throw all of the cake away way just more than I could handle.

This cake was for a very sweet friend's baby girl. It is covered in only buttercream with a few fondant details. Such a fun color combo!!!

Polk a dots!!!! Who doesn't love polk a dots?? When I got the request to make a waterfall of polk a dots, I wasn't too sure, but I love how it turned out. The pink and mint green tie in so beautifully with the gold.

Can I just say ADORABLE??!! Wild child, pink and gold!!!! Love, love, love!!!! This is another one that was covered in mostly buttercream with just a few fondant details.  

Oh goodness, you can not talk about the pink and gold theme taking the first birthday party world by storm without talking about the unicorn cakes and cupcakes and cookies and everything else dominating the desert world. This one was my first go at the unicorn cake. The sweet, little delicate eye lashes just melted me. So precious!!!

 Just look at all the gold shimmer!!! It's what dreams ...and unicorn horns....are made of!!!

While we are talking about first birthdays, check out this super sweet cake I created for a first birthday smash cake photography session. So....I thought the cake was super cute, but look at that back drop. If your photographer isn't putting together a showstopper of a backdrop like that for your little one, you need to contact my girl!!! I will save all of my raving of her incredible work for another post, but let's just take in the sweetness of this little fondant dancer for a moment. 

I'm telling you, pink and gold is apparently the number one combo for first birthdays. Here is another sweet little smash cake donning the pink and gold.

I created this pink and gold pumpkin cake just this past weekend. And it is definitely on my top favorites list!!! Oh the sparkle!!!! Gold glitter everywhere!!!!!

This fondant "1" is coated in as much edible gold glitter as I could get to stick!!! Love it!!!

Y'all, pictures just don't do this little beauty justice. That camera lens does not catch all the sparkle. You are truly missing out. 

And you can not have a first birthday in the South without a smash cake. Our climate refuses to give us a Fall, so we just throw pumpkins where ever we can and pretend. This little pumpkin smash cake is covered in buttercream for the little lady to smash into. The stem and dots are fondant. Look at that perfectly smooth buttercream!!! 

This right here!!!! Too precious!!!! And to think... the mom only wanted a two tiered cake. I just had to make an all gold tier....I had too. 

This sweet little smash cake is featuring the same gold sprinkles and glitter covered fondant "1" as the larger cake counterpart.

Well... here is proof that sweet little baby girls grow up and still dream of pink and gold cakes. Is this not just the perfect backdrop to those beautiful fresh roses? This was a super tall, super heavy cake. My wonderful husband was on cake carrying duty...because I still don't know how you assemble a cake on site without destroying it in the process. So, yep, my husband carried this huge, five tiered wonder across a ball room, up a very narrow flight of stairs and across a reception hall before finally arriving to the display area. He was my hero that day for sure!!! 

Here is an abstract, quirky take on gold cake. The bride requested semi-naked cake airbrushed with gold shimmer going down one side. On this day, I learned that I too can carry an extremely heavy cake. I made it to the delivery van with this monster of a cake. My arms quivered for the entire hour and a half trip. I think I may have cried a few tears at the thought of having to move it yet again. Luckily, when I arrived all of the groom's men happened to be standing just outside. I asked a couple to move it for me. After struggling a bit, they asked how I got it to the van. I just grinned. I am pretty sure they did not believe that I had carried it alone. 

So...back to design. I did not place the flowers on this cake. The florist did the entire table and display as well as placing the flowers on the cake. I love the quirky feel of the flowers. Such a fun wedding!!!

 Well... that's all I got. I have seen so many beautiful pink and gold cakes. I know it is just a trend right now, but I sure of hope it will stick around for a while. I can't wait to create more!!!

Thanks for checking out my cakes. Take a moment to leave a comment and let me know what you think. Which is your favorite??