Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mickey Mouse and Mermaids

Mermaid Graduation Cake
Well...they wanted something original. You can't get much more original than a mermaid graduation cake. The mom completely came up with this idea so I totally can't take credit for it, but what a fun theme! The pictures make the cake look small, but the base was actually a 12 inch cake. The mermaid was probably the largest fondant figure I have ever made. 

Mickey Mouse Gear Cake

Mini Polka Dot Cake

Monday, May 4, 2015

Avengers, Super Hero, and Frozen Ice Castle Cake

This has been a great week. What better way to balance out some "super" boy Super Hero Cakes than with a four tiered, gorgeous Frozen Ice Castle Cake?? I say all the time that I have the greatest clients ever. They pick the best cakes. I am so blessed to get to be a part of their celebrations year after year!

Avengers Cake
This cake was for a little boy who was turning 8. I love the shading that keeps it from looking too bright. I felt it definitely matured it to an 8 year old level...heck...my husband would even take this one for his birthday! The mom found this exact cake design on Pinterest so I can totally not take credit for the design, but I loved how my version of it turned out. 

 My fondant hulk fist turned out even better than I had envisioned. I think it gets better every time I make it!

 Super Hero Cake

 Frozen Ice Castle Cake
What 4 year old gets a massive four tiered birthday cake?? This little girl! It was pretty awesome and definitely at statement piece at the party!

21st Orange Topsy Turvy Cake
How fun is this little number?? This would work great for a sweet 16 as well and in any color! I love it!

What a fun week it was. As my work week begins I always feel completely overwhelmed and wonder how I will ever get it all done by the weekend and then as I dive into creating the cakes I just fall in love all over again. I absolutely love seeing the smiles on parents and kiddos faces when they see the cakes for the first time. I am attempted to update the blog more often and post my cakes weekly...we will see how long that will last.....hehehe. Hope you enjoyed this weeks bunch. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bunny Cake, Rustic Wedding Cake, Fishing Groom's Cake

Some Bunny is Turing One Cake
 The bunny is completely edible. 

 Spring Smash Cake

 Rustic Wedding Cake
The base is fondant made to look like old wood grain. I was so proud of how it turned out. Although you cannot tell it so much from the picture, this cake was huge. It was a 12 inch, 4 layer cake. The bride added a topper at the reception.  I loved this cake!

 Fishing Groom's Cake

Mario Cart Cake, Luau Cake and Minnie Mouse

What an incredibly fun week this was. So many awesome party themes!!! Are these not the most adorable cakes?

Mario Cart Cake

 Mario and the cart are completely edible.

Luau Cake with Hula Girl

 Minnie Mouse Ruffles Cake

 Minnie Mouse Smash Cake

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

School House Cake for Fox 6 Weatherman Wes Wyatt

I was so honored to create another cake for Helena Elementary School. Today Fox 6 WBRC's meteorologist Wes Wyatt visited with the second grade to discuss weather safety. It was so fun and the children had a blast. I once read that Helena Elementary is in the oldest school building in the state....so I thought I would play off of that and make an Old School House Cake. It was originally scheduled for March so the cake/school house was going to be surrounded by penguins playing in the snow. Well...the event was "snowed" out. Schools were closed that day and his visit was rescheduled for today. I already had my heart set on creating this nostalgic school house so I had to change the design up a bit. I got lots of input from my boys and husband. The boys insisted on a husky being on the cake! Wes Wyatt seemed to love it and that's all that matters!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Circus, Sweet 16, Barbie Superhero, and Octonauts.

 There just aren't many party themes as fun as a circus party. This Circus Cake was huge!!!! It wouldn't even fit in my fridge completely assembled. It was so fun to create and I was so proud of the final result. Even better...it was for the sweetest family.

The little Circus Smash Cake was so adorable. 

 Then I had the joy of creating this beautiful Sweet 16 Cake. The birthday young lady designed this cake herself. She designed the layout and picked all the colors. I think she did a great job and it was so fun to bring her drawing to life.

 This cake was created for a Barbie Super Hero Cake! How unique is that?? I love it!

 Octonauts Cupcakes

Monday, March 23, 2015

MIckey Mouse, Frozen, Pirates, SuperHeros, and Fish

This year is getting off to a wonderful start. I have had such great opportunities to create some amazing cakes. Mickey Mouse, Cat in the Hat, Frozen, Pirate Ships, Princess Castles, Super Heros and Cookie Monster all made the cut! I love that so many moms really want to make parties super special for their little kiddos! So...don't stop scrolling. This post is filled with great cakes all the way to the last one. 

 Mickey Mouse Cake and Smash Cake

Pirate Cake

 Igloo and Penguin Cake
 Heart Cake. Created for a special little girl who turned one on Valentine's Day and was born with a whole in her heart which required surgery. As you can imagine, her first birthday was a big celebration.
 Starbucks Cake
 Starbucks Cake and Cupcakes
 Starbucks Cupcakes, Chocolate Caramel
 Blue and Purple Frozen Cake
 Blue and Purple Frozen Cupcakes
 Frozen Smash Cupcake
 Super Hero Cake with Hulk Fist
 Fondant Hulk Fist
 Cat in the Hat Cake. This mom actually drew the cake out exactly as she wanted it to look. It was such fun getting to bring her drawing to life.

 Elephant Cake
 Elephant Smash Cake
 Pink Minnie Mouse Cake
 Whale Cake

 Whale Smash Cake
 Cookie Monster Cake. My new favorite cake!!!! I just love this big guy!
 Sculpted Cookie Monster Cake
 Frozen Cake
 Alabama Houndstooth Cake
 Pink, Blue and Gold Chevron Cake
 Pirate Ship Cake

 Ursula Cake
 Fondant Ursula
 I created the fondant details for this sheet cake. I made the same emblems for her older son's cake 4 years ago when I had just started making cakes. Eagle Scout Cake

 Princess Castle Cake
 Harriet the Hen Sculpted Cake

 Frozen Ruffles Cake